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Developers who fit in, stand out and deliver growth. Available for short to medium contracts, our graduates are trained in the latest languages and remote working practices.

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Thinking about a Career in Code?
Take our free 5 Day Coding Challenge – just one hour of video-based theory and practical learning each day. We’ll support you through tutor support and continuous mentoring, via our Slack group.
University Credit-Rated
Get Qualified
A personalised, structured timeline enables you to complete the programme under one year while working. Our Student Support Team is on hand to help you achieve your goals.
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Land Your Dream Job
Benefit from our network of tech employers to plan your career path. Our Career Services Team provides students with advice, guidance and access to our employer network

Why Choose Code Institute?

  • University Credit-Rated
  • Proven Results
  • Industry Approved
  • Career Readiness
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Flexible Learning

What Our Graduates Say

“The course was worth the investment. I went in with specific goals in mind, and from doing this I have now reached them. Delighted with my decision.”
Katie Maxwell, Code Institute Graduate
“This course is very practical - you learn by doing. Working with new technologies - it’s very relevant to the careers market.”
Adrian Rus, Code Institute Graduate
“I’m very happy with my decision, I came straight out of Code Institute and landed a role in Capgemini. These skills are in massive demand.”
Stein de Vos, Code Institute Graduate

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