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Code Institute is dedicated to bridging the tech skills gap, and the productivity gap between developers and non-technical professionals. Technology has permeated every industry creating a surge for technically skilled staff. With this in mind, we developed our innovative Diploma in Tech Fundamentals course to complement our Diploma in Software Development. Our goal is to not only to produce career-ready software developers but to train people to work efficiently with developers. We are dedicated to creating a global standard for technical education.


Our Challenge

The growing global ICT skills gap will create 22% boost in ICT jobs by 2020 and the tech talent pipeline is depleted.


Our Solution

Provide credit-rated and industry-validated Coding Bootcamps and enable non-tech professionals to understand technical concepts.



We provide a perfect infusion of industry and academia, having met Edinburgh Napier University's credit-rating academic standards.


Industry validation

The IAC is our panel of industry-leading experts who review and recommend syllabus improvements.

icon Meet the mentors

Haley Schafer

Haley is a Learning Success executive and a Code Institute graduate. Prior to doing our course and joining our team, Haley graduated in French and International relations.


Niel McEwan

Niel has worked with Code Institute for two years now, starting as a teaching assistant, Niel is now a Learning Success executive. Niel is also a Code Institute graduate.


Yoni Lavi

Yoni is Head of Mentoring in Code Institute and has been an important part of our team since 2016. Prior to 2016, Yoni spent nearly two years working with Google.


Aaron Sinnott

Aaron is a Senior Product Developer in Code Institute. He joined the team at the start of 2016. He has years of experience as a software developer, and has a penchant for Python development.


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Employers and graduates share how Code Institute has given them the coding skills they need.

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icon Industry Advisory Council

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) comprises industry employers, recruiters, academics, enterprise organisations and startups. It provides validation and guidance on the Code Institute’s programs. The IAC makes sure that our graduates have the skills necessary to gain employment and subsequently grow and prosper in their new job.

Daan van Campen, Manager of Software Development

Daan van Campen, Manager of Software Development

Daan is Capgemini's Deputy Practice Manager of Software Development in their Netherlands base. He has acted in a senior management role for many Capgemini projects with high-level companies.

Jonathon Davies, Integration and Optimisation Manager


Jonathon leads the SMB and Mid-market Integration and Optimisation teams for PayPal EMEA, across their three regional operations centres in Dublin, Dundalk and Berlin.

Ciaran Curtin, Principal Technology Consultant


Ciaran is Principal Technology Consultant at CPL. He recruits for senior appointments from CTOs to Software Development Managers.

David Kirwan, Head of Technology


David is Head of Technology in Accenture Ireland. He delivers IT services and technology consulting solutions that help clients meet their business challenges.


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