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Europe’s only University Credit Rated Bootcamp

Code Institute is the leading global provider of online coding education. Credit-rated by Edinburgh Napier University and validated by the Higher Education Authority in Sweden, the Ministry of Communications in Singapore, and the Higher Education Authority in Ireland.

Enterprise Solutions

Code Institute works with businesses, universities and governments to enhance digital literacy and upskill non technical employees to software engineers. Candidates develop competencies in front-end, back-end, and full-stack development while working on real, business-centered projects online.

Student Support

Our students are fully supported by mentors, tutors and student care. With over 100 global hiring partnerships in place, our team of in-house recruiters help all of our Developers to secure jobs.

What Our Graduates Say

Adrian Rus, Code Institute Graduate

“This course is very practical – you learn by doing. Working with new technologies – it’s very relevant to the careers market.”

Katie Maxwell, Code Institute Graduate

“The course was worth the investment. I went in with specific goals in mind, and from doing this I have now reached them. Delighted with my decision.”

Stein de Vos, Code Institute Graduate

“I’m very happy with my decision, I came straight out of Code Institute and landed a role in Capgemini. These skills are in massive demand.”