3 Reasons to learn React.js

React was first created by a software developer in Facebook by the name of Jordan Walke. It is an open-source front-end Javascript library that Facebook maintains. It is also one of the most used front-end libraries in the world. And, developers with React.js skills are among the most sought-after programmers in the world.

What is React.js?

React is a library. A library is something that allows developers to share code they have written that solves everyday problems. React prevents everyone from having to reinvent the wheel every time they knock across the same problem. It also means if someone comes up with a clever way of doing something, they can make it available to everyone else. That is exactly what Facebook did. They wanted to build a richer and more responsive user experience. So they built this super-fast and super-easy library to build great user interfaces and shared it with everyone.

It cuts down development time for everyone, improves quality and means you can do exciting things quickly. As a result, it’s one of the most popular development libraries in the world. Apart from Facebook, it is also used by Instagram, the BBC, The New York Times, Pay Pal, and of course Code Institute!

Full Stack Development with Specializations

One of Code Institute’s main aims is to help people transition from one career into software development. For this reason, we have now developed the most advanced online coding bootcamp curriculum in the world. We are now the only online software development programme to offer our students a choice of one of three specializations to study after they’ve learned the skills of full-stack software development. The areas in which a student can now specialize are: 

Why is React.js so brilliant? 

First off, it’s important to mention that there are thousands of very successful businesses worldwide that use React, and every day, the demand for new talent with these skills grows. Now is a fantastic time to learn these skills, but why do companies love it? 

It’s simple

Firstly, like with the rise in popularity of Python, React.js is easy to use use. It lets developers create complex front-end solutions quickly while maintaining brilliantly dynamic user interfaces. Because using React can be less complicated than using other libraries, the time saved can also save a lot of money for companies – which is one of the reasons why developers with React.js skills are in such demand. React is a framework that allows coders to deliver a great user experience with consistent quality and higher performance.


Because of its popularity, developers with advanced front end skills like React.js can demand good salaries. For example, according to Talent.com, the average UK starting salary for people with React skills is as much as £45k. The same source tells us that the average starting salary in Ireland is €62,500. In the Netherlands, an international recruitment firm, honeypot.io, tells us that Javascript, React.js and Python are what most companies want. For that region, they reckon starting salaries can be as high as circa €40k. DAXX reckons that the average React.js salary worldwide is between $54k and $124k – dependent on region and experience. 

It evolves with the times.

React is not just popular among companies. It is also popular among developers. Because Facebook manages React, you can be sure that much care, time, effort and money is put into its development. Each release comes with new and better features, which means that it evolves with the times. Companies love this. 

Companies that use React.js

Thousands of companies worldwide use React.js because it allows them to build web applications faster and smarter. Employers like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, to name but a few, use it because it delivers easier-to-manage applications that get products to market faster.

Choosing to specialize in Advanced Front End with React.js

As with our other specializations, Code Institute students can choose this as their specialism on our Full Stack Software Development with Specializations programme. 

Students who choose to study React.js will:

  • Gain a detailed knowledge of the most popular front end development framework. 
  • Learn to build a complex front end environment like a content management site. 
  • Build advanced front end React Skills.
  • Learn how to combine this with the Django Rest framework to build functionally rich applications.

Get in touch

If you’ve been contemplating a career change to software development, and this is an area in which you’re interested, then know this, there is a huge demand for full stack developers who can bring this skill to the table. If you want to learn more about applying to our Full Stack Development Programme with Specializations, schedule a call with one of our education advisors today. 

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