5 Unexpected Benefits Of Attending An Open Evening

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Why Attend An Open Evening?

If you’re considering a change of career or you want to upskill in a particular area, have you thought about attending an open evening? No matter what course you’re considering it can be difficult to commit to an extra workload and tuition fees if you haven’t checked it out in person.

Take a step back from your busy schedule and ask yourself; are you where you want to be professionally? What area are you truly interested in? The average person spends almost one third of their life working, so it’s important to make sure that you’re happy in your career.
Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of attending an open evening.

1. Meet Course Directors and Teachers

Are you interested in a course, but unsure of the next step to take? An open evening is the perfect place to meet course directors and designers; ask them detailed questions about the syllabus and the career outcomes. Make the most of the event and have a quick chat with a teacher or tutor; you never know what kind of insight they can give you into the current students and potential career opportunities.

2. Full Visibility of Course Content

An open evening will showcase all course content in detail. Gain further insight into modules, assignments and learning outcomes from the course experts, and ask any questions you have about the syllabus or teaching methods. Finding out everything you need to know about the course will help you make the best decision for you.   

3. Chat To Other Prospective Students

Are you worrying about changing your career path? Put your fears on hold and chat to other prospective students in person. You’ll be surprised to find that other students are having similar doubts about committing to a new course. A quick chat with someone can give you the boost you need to make that commitment to further education.

4. Gauge the Atmosphere

Evaluate the atmosphere at the open evening and see if you can imagine yourself studying on this course. Are the course staff friendly and helpful, and are they interacting with past students? Are you intrigued or impressed by the course content, and do you get a positive vibe from the company, association or university that are running it?

5. Get Inspired

It’s one thing reviewing a course syllabus online, it’s quite another experience attending an open evening about the course in person. Past students often speak at open evenings and can offer up detailed insights into every aspect of the course. What did they love about it, and where are they now? How did the course change their career path? Make the effort to meet a past student; you might just come away feeling inspired.

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