5 Ways Our Coding Challenge Will Benefit Your Career

Are You Satisfied With Your Career?

Ask yourself one question; when was the last time you felt happy going into work with the prospect of a full day or week ahead of you? You owe it to yourself to be honest; would you be happy to be in the same career in ten years time?
You’ll spend up to one-third of your whole life working; a statistic that might not sit well with you if you’re frustrated in your career. But what can you do now to change your career path? Is it too late? Don’t let your fears get a hold of you, instead be proactive and make a decision to move forward in the direction that you want.   
Do you spend your time in work daydreaming about your ideal job instead of focusing on your current one? Have you always been interested in the tech world? If you see yourself building websites and apps then our 5 Day Coding Challenge is for you. This challenge will polish your coding skills and determine whether software development is a good career fit for you.
Our graduate stories are really interesting and showcase the career opportunities that coding skills provide. Our graduates have been hired by tech giants like Apple, Salesforce, Intercom and Accenture.  
Let’s take a quick look at how our free 5 Day Coding Challenge can benefit your career.

Coding Opportunities For You

We take a hammer to some of the most common coding myths; at Code Institute we believe that anyone can code once they come at it with enthusiasm and perseverance. Coding is a skill that is in high demand across the globe, and participating in this challenge will open up a new world of skills to you. Learn about how coding can increase your career opportunities in the future. By 2020 there will be 100, 000, 000 ICT job vacancies in the US alone.

Code Community Participation

Once you sign up for this free challenge you will be invited to participate in a Facebook Community Group. This is a great chance to network with new coders and to share ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in a supportive teaching environment. You never know where a tech startup might be born!

Understanding The Coding World

Understand how websites work and analyze the coding behind them. Gain an insight into how coding shapes the world around us; how does coding affect applications and systems of infrastructure? We take a look at a range of websites and applications so that you gain an understanding of the foundations of coding. How does your car depend on code to run smoothly and recognize user commands?

The Right Career For You

The Code Institute’s 5 Day Coding Challenge will teach you about HTML, CSS as well as covering the basics of JavaScript. These coding languages ares essential as they form the foundations of the coding world; gain an insight into these distinctive languages and apply them to practical examples. Our interactive videos will teach you the necessary skills so that you can start to build your own websites and apps.  

Your Decision?

After completing the 5 Day Coding Challenge you may have discovered that you want to be a part of the coding world. Welcome! At a minimum, you’ll be able to update your CV with your savvy new tech skills.
Remember, a set of new skills can open up a different world to you. Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll get back to you. 

Join our Free 5-Day Coding Challenge Below

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