8 Reasons Why A Career In Coding Is Right for You

1. You Love Tech!

Obvious I know, but often understated. It’s definitely worth mentioning that to work in software development, you need to have a love of tech and all the possibilities it brings.

Appreciating technology’s potential will motivate you to innovate, excel and climb the career ladder in tech.

2. You’re a Problem Solver

Problem solving is a skill that is essential in web development. Software exists to solve problems but each solution creates more problems to address.
This is presumably why we have “everything” as a service. Don’t want to make dinner? Order it with an app. Don’t want to flag a taxi? Order one with an app. You will spend most – if not all – of your time finding solutions to these problems, irrespective of the technology or programming language you’re using.
If you enjoy the challenge of testing and zeroing in on solutions, then it’s looking more likely that you’re suited to a tech job.

3. You Love Learning

Technology is continuously evolving, and to stay relevant – developers must evolve with tech faster than ever before. Keeping up to date on what’s going on by continuing to educate yourself is the key to perching yourself on the cutting edge.
Network with other developers on social media, attend conferences, and read up on the latest tools, iterations and trends. Do that, and you’ll go far.

4. You’re a Perfectionist

Web developers must possess borderline OCD attention-to-detail. One tiny mistake in the code can wreak havoc on a website, so you must be sure every line of code is perfect.
Like any craft, if you do your job correctly – another developer can add features or edit the code with little difficulty. This is what’s known as complexity.
The attitude of “it’s good enough” won’t fly in the development world. So if you dot your i’s and cross your t’s before you clock out – software development is looking more and more like it’s the job for you.

5. You’re Patient

This ties in with Reason 4. You need patience to be able to sift through lines and lines of code to find errors. Between error, bug and syntax checking – there’s a lot of clean up.
Sure, you could just do a quick job… but what if your client wants changes? Remember that point I mentioned about complexity? Yeah, your changes just got a little harder if you didn’t do your due diligence.
Coding will provide you with immediate proof that patience truly is a virtue. Learn that lesson quick, and you’ll be coding in no time.

6. You’re a People Person

I’m sure you’re aware of developer stereotypes.
You know, someone hidden away in darkness, cradling their only friend – Lap Top. with only the warm glow of their screen reflected in their glasses. Truth be told. web development is a highly collaborative effort.

If you wind up working in coding, you’ll interacting with other team members and with clients on a regular basis, so liking people is pretty important.
It’s also crucial to be a good communicator and be able to effectively explain concepts in simple terms to those who aren’t as technically savvy as you. Put simple: Strive for low complexity code, low complexity descriptions of your work.

7. You’re Curious

Curiosity killed the cat does not apply in the world of web development. The higher your curiousity you are, the better.
Think of whimsical innovations we could only imagine in movies and TV like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Trek and… uh… Revenge of the Nerds! Technology beyond our wildest imagination begins to become clearer over time.
A good web developer should be a systems thinker, with knowledge how every component works and how to make them work better. In the digital world, you’re only limited by your imagination (and how fast you can code!)

8. You’re Self-Motivated

If you find satisfaction in creating things and problem solving, just for the joy of it, then a career in coding might be right for you.
Good web developers find reward in figuring things out, have the desire to keep improving their skills, and get excited over the latest tools and techniques.

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