Access Emerging Talent Through Employer Services

Code Institute has just launched an Employer Services department, headed by Jane Gormley. Jane will work with corporates and recruiters to place our graduates in software development, coding and other technical roles. It’s a global employer services’ programme, matching graduates from EMEA, North America and Asia with organisations recruiting across a range of technical roles.

To discuss Code Institute’s technical talent pipeline schedule a call with Jane Gormley.

Software developer salaries versus USA’s 20 most common jobs

Often we’re asked by potential students what the benefits of being a coder are. In fact, we recently published an article about it here. One of the points we always mention is salary. While we know that life isn’t all about money, we do know that most people find an attractive salary to be enticing. […]

Career Series Ep 6: 4 Ways Volunteering Will Land You A Tech Job

Reach Your Professional Potential Are you looking to start a new career in tech? You need to expand your professional opportunities and ensure that you’re meeting the right people in the software development industry. Every new person you meet has the potential to have an impact on your future career. What can you do to […]

Hvad er HTML og hvad kan det bruges til?

Hvis du gerne vil blive familiær med web programmering, så er HTML et godt startpunkt. Alle hjemmesider er mere eller mindre skrevet med HTML. Faktisk er 92,3% af alle hjemmesider skrevet med HTML. Det gør det til et godt startpunkt for begyndere, der gerne vil ind i den store verden af programmering. Så hvis du […]