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Average German ICT salaries

As a result of the global ICT skills gap, tech workers are benefitting from a sizeable increase in salaries. Worldwide, software developers and other ICT workers are showing up in statistics as being among the top average earners. Germany is showing the same results. With average German ICT salaries coming in at more than €59,000 per annum, the time has never been better for new graduates and career changers.

According to Trading Economics & Statistisches Bundesamt, the current average salary in Germany is €45,708 (as of January 2018). However, Statistisches Bundesamt, in another piece of research, offers statistics on all salaries across Germany. According to their research, ICT workers are the second highest earners among all other economic sectors. There has never been a better time to learn to code.

Average German ICT salaries against others

  1. Industry and service sector – €45,969
  2. Business economy – €45,420
  3. Industry – €46,944
  4. Mining and quarrying – €48,300
  5. Manufacturing – €48,768
  6. Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply – €58,440
  7. Water supply – €40,524
  8. Construction – €37,848
  9. Service sector – €44,988
  10. Business services – €44,028
  11. Wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles and motor­cycles – €42,108
  12. Transportation and storage – €35,808
  13. Accomodation and food service activities – €28,380
  14. Information and communication – €59,112
  15. Financial and insurance activities – €62,220
  16. Real estate activities – €48,708
  17. Professional, scientific and technical activities – €56,484
  18. Administrative and support service activities – €30,900
  19. Public administration, social and personal service activities – €46,536
  20. Public administration and defence; compulsory social security – €45,420
  21. Education – €51,804
  22. Human health and social work activities – €45,156
  23. Arts, entertainment and recreation – €46,176
  24. Other service activities – €43,464

While the figures above are impressive, the reported average starting salary for software developers in Germany is more than €40,000 per annum. Likewise, software development is a skill that can be used all around the world. Therefore, this offers flexibility to workers in terms of where they work, etc. However, the gap is only getting bigger, with more jobs arriving quicker than they are being filled.

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