Back to work – in software development

Over the last few weeks, millions of people have unfortunately lost their jobs. As unemployment numbers rise, and as countries begin to relax isolation rules, people are considering their route back to work. 

It has been an extraordinary period, and unfortunately, COVID-19 has left a trail of anguish, grief and hardship. However, the world is beginning to get to grips with the situation. Slowly, countries are starting to allow a shift back towards a “new normal”.

Many of you will be wondering about your next steps for getting back to work. Our advice is that a career in software development will safeguard your future should anything of this magnitude happen again. It is a role that offers many benefits too.

Back to work as a software developer

Even before the arrival of this global pandemic, software developers were in huge demand. But when the Coronavirus arrived, the whole world became even more reliant on technology. For example, the internet effectively became the main form of communication for everybody. Look at Zoom alone, it currently has 300 million daily meeting participants. Microsoft has 75 million daily active users of Teams – a 70% increase. And, Google Meet is apparently gaining circa 3 million new users every day. Now, think about Amazon – in recent weeks their value has shot up, with the New York Times suggesting that its “market capitalization has ballooned by over $90 billion to record highs since mid-February”.

This would indicate that the demand for software developers will only grow. Companies will want to become more prepared for a future of work that will include remote working. Therefore, a developer’s role should be safeguarded. There will always be a need for better technologies, better websites, better apps, and better systems. 

As we’ve learned over the last few weeks, with this reliance on technology, there has also been an increase in cybersecurity issues, with video-technology sites hacked more often, and as people create more online accounts in more places. 

A smart move

These events would hint that a role in software development would be a smart move. Another benefit that programmers have is that when it comes to remote working, all they need to succeed is knowhow, good broadband and a project. 

Software developers, especially those who have learned online, already have many of the skills needed for remote and office working. They know how to collaborate with the likes of Slack, Github and Trello. They have experience in learning from home and therefore already know how to work remotely. 

If you are staring down a change of career, software development will always be in demand. Therefore, if you work hard at it, it is a role that can weather turbulent times and a role that offers excellent security. 

Benefits of software development

Apart from being in huge demand, there are other benefits associated with software development. Of course, apart from the ability to work remotely, this is a role that offers excellent salaries and career opportunities. Regarding wages, right now, it is very much a supply and demand issue. Because there aren’t enough developers, companies pay for these services at a premium. 

This is a role with a clear career ladder too. If you’re good at what you do, and if you work hard, the transition from Junior to Senior developer can be relatively quick. If it’s a high salary that motivates you, then this is a good thing. 

Benefits for unemployed people

Because of the demand for programmers, some governments offer educational benefits to its citizens. Often, these benefits are usually more freely available to the unemployed. For example, in Sweden, the Higher Education Authority has recognised Code Institute’s programme, and finance is available through CSN. These types of benefits are available from various governments around the world. After all, when we return to some kind of normal, governments will want us back to work. 

Free 5 Day Challenge

If you have been contemplating a switch to software development, then it is worth seeing if you would have the aptitude for programming. Try Code Institute’s free 5 Day Coding Challenge. It will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After an hour a day over five days, you will have built your first ever webpage. 

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