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Benefits of being a software developer in the UK

With children now finally being taught to code in primary school, it seems as if we’re headed towards a future where people should become better-equipped for technology. It’s a good thing too. Currently, most UK firms are expecting to see a major shortfall in tech skills over the next 12 months. In fact, according to a survey by recruitment firm Robert Walters Manchester, only 11 per cent of UK firms said that they would not expect to struggle when it comes to finding enough talented recruits in the software development sphere. Now is a great time to be a software developer in the UK.

Are you sitting in a pound seat?

Cybersecurity, data-related roles, and software development, are all flagged up as being the main areas for recruitment right now. So, if any of those are your chosen fields, then you could just be sitting in the pound seats.

How many pounds is that, though? Well, Hays Recruitment is reporting very high average salaries for Junior Developers at between £30,000 and £40,000 per annum in London. They indicate that it can be as high as £35,000 in the rest of England. Whereas software architects are demanding salaries of between £62,000 and £90,000 per annum in the UK.

Here’s the thing, you could, potentially, get even more than that. Writing for the technology recruitment website, Emily Hudson points out that at the higher end of the salary world, you could earn much, much more. In fact, according to Emily, a software developer with ten years’ experience, working for a major London hedge fund, could expect to earn as much as £200,000 in a year once you add in bonuses. Obviously, one can’t rely on a bonus as one can on a proper salary, but it’s nice to know such things are possible, right?

It’s not just London!

Obviously, much of the data is rather London-centric, which is probably only to be expected given that London is such a major commerce and tech hub. There are other possibilities, though. Manchester has a burgeoning tech and media scene, with amazing companies like, Disney Streaming Services, TalkTalk, and more, choosing it as a location to do business. The cost of living (especially for rent or a mortgage) is significantly lower there than in the capital. Working outside of London will generally see an average salary reduce. However, the lower cost of living outside of London will generally see that balance out. Beware, though — there are unexpected hotspots of high living costs. Who would have guessed that Coventry would be the second most expensive city in the UK in which to live?

Be a software developer in the UK

You definitely need to up-skill as much as you can, though. With automation, artificial intelligence and other such technologies improving and increasing at a rapid pace, it’s hugely important to reskill for a digital future.

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