Career change – face your fears

A career change is massive in anyone’s books. It’s a huge move, but for some people, it’s a necessary re-steer of direction. Think about it. Approximately one-third of your life is spent working. Surely we deserve to do something with that time that we actually enjoy, right?

Recently, we looked at reasons as to how you know it’s time for a career change. Today, we look at why we should change career if we know that it’ll make our lives better.

Why a career change?

Okay, we’ve all experienced bad days in work, and in my opinion, an odd bad day in work is definitely not enough of a reason to shift. Even a bad week or a bad month is not that bad – after all, I’m sure most of us have had that during our personal time too. But if a bad day turns into a bad week, and that bad week turns into a bad month, and in turn, a terrible year goes by, then you owe it to yourself to re-evaluate the situation. This is when you should consider a career change.

In our minds, it can be difficult to muster the courage to change from one career to another. Reskilling itself can feel like another obstacle that stands in our way, but learning new things is generally a great thing to do. Some of us might even consider a career change as a way of running away from our problems, but you have to ask yourself, will a change of roles make your life better? If you’ve weighed-up your options and you’ve come to the conclusion that a change will improve your life, then it’s time to make that change.

What our graduates say

Why software development?

Thousands of students learn to code through Code Institute’s programme, and many of them were once in the same boat. They wanted a career change to make their live’s better. The good news is, it’s worked out for them. ICT staff are in huge demand, not just in the tech industry. All industries need software developers and people with the right kind of coding experience. For many of our students, they chose software development because firstly, it’s a role that allows them to use their creativity. Secondly, they enjoy problem-solving, which is essential for any coding role. Of course, the fact that software developers, in general, receive attractive salaries also helps. But another reason for the change to this industry is because there’s definite visual growth, so many things around us now involve technology.

However, what our graduates have in common is that most of them did not choose software development on a whim. They did their homework and concluded that this was an industry for them.

To make a change from one role to another is a daunting task. It creates fears, that can be both rational and irrational – but we only have one life, and we owe it to ourselves to be as happy as possible throughout it. No matter the situation, fear is the main obstacle in all us. However, if we know that overcoming our fears will result in more happiness, then it’s time to be brave and courageous.

Face your fears

It’s time to face your fears and become an improved and happier version of yourself. Don’t be that girl or guy that’s still complaining about their job in five or ten years. If you want to know more about software development, try our free 5 Day Coding Challenge. By completing this you will have built a real webpage, and it’ll let you know if you have an aptitude for software development. Register now through the form below.

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