Career change opportunities for new developers – Sweden 2021

What a crazy year it has been. This statement is especially true within the field of tech. While Sweden has one of the most robust digital infrastructures in the world, Covid-19 has still forced businesses and governments to adopt many new digital solutions. This adaptation has had a knock-on effect that has created massive career change opportunities for new developers in Sweden. 

Most of the Swedish population have had to turn to tech solutions to sustain new ways of working. As a result, the opportunities for software developers have changed according to the increasing demand for IT-solutions. Where there was already a need for software developers in Sweden, the fast-tracking of online solutions in businesses have pushed the demand to new heights. 

With the latest soft lockdown measures, we want to look at what the opportunities are for new software developers in Sweden in 2021, and what skills will be useful. 

Flexibility means career change opportunities in Sweden

If one lesson stands out from dealing with Covid-19, it is the importance of having a flexible working environment, being able to plan for potential crises. Here, companies like Eriksson and Spotify quickly adapted to the new situation and asked their employers to work from home. 

Companies in Sweden are gearing up to be able to make a swift transaction to digital working ways. The COVID-19 situation keeps changing, and companies realize they have to adjust accordingly. But it is not only in terms of COVID-19 that flexibility is needed. Especially within software development, the industry is moving towards a demand for cross-platform development, which means new software developers need to be able to adapt to new technologies faster than ever. 

Remote working is the future 

Before COVID-19, the share of home offices in enterprises was on the rise, growing more than 20 percentage points between 2017-2019. With the current situation, companies even more so have had to extend into a flexible working environment, where remote working has become a key tool in the arsenal. This, of course, means that businesses, which can work from home, are more likely to succeed in the current situation. Here software development has potential growing conditions, as it can be easily done as a home office role. 

AI will grow the machine learning development

Looking at the future of skills within software development, working with automation presents a huge opportunity. As companies take up AI in Sweden, automation becomes increasingly important, as companies need to train AI’s to become smarter. As with other technical tools, COVID-19 has only increased the speed of which companies incorporate machine learning, making it ideal for employees and potential future employees to make it a priority to learn. Here, programming languages like Python are in huge demand. 

Where can I learn these skills? 

As it is hard to dive directly into machine learning, it is essential to learn the basics first. Code Institute provides a full-stack development program that takes you from beginner to software developer between 4-12 month. Within the program, you learn the basics first, before diving into Python. This education will help you get on the track to work with automation and machine learning.

Next step

If you want to learn more about the course, you can sign up for a call here with one of our Education Advisors, or, if you’d like to see what it’s like to learn to code online, why not try our free 5 Day Coding Challenge. Register now through the form below.  

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