Career Opportunities in Germany in 2021 – Berufsaussichten in Deutschland für das neue Jahr

What we can expect in 2021 and why we should continue to upskill. Are there career change opportunities in Germany in 2021? 

Digitisation – Stichwort Digitalisierung 

Because digitisation, Digitalisierung, permeates all areas, it makes sense to learn digital skills. Of course, we don’t all have to study computer science, Informatik, but one conclusion from the study “2050: Zukunft der Arbeit” was that there is – and will be – a much faster change in all work areas. You no longer learn a profession and practice it until you reach retirement age. Necessary skills are changing with time. That is why you have to learn continuously – or reskill, weiterbilden oder umschulen. 

Effects on the economy – Auswirkungen auf die Wirtschaft

“The lack of IT talent is a huge problem for the economy as a whole. We already had 124,000 vacancies at the end of 2019. That was 40,000 more than in 2018 – and it could very well be that we will break the 200,000 mark in two years”, says the Präsident des Branchenverbandes Achim Berg in an interview with Handelsblatt

Jobs that will be in demand in future – Berufe der Zukunft

In the long run, some jobs will become redundant because technology will replace them – but there will be new opportunities. In demand will be those who develop this technology, says the Businessinsider

Even if digitisation does a lot of work for us: We still need people who develop digital instruments and understand where the error lies when something goes wrong. The demand for people in information technology is increasing continuously, according to, and many positions remain vacant for a long time. The required degree in computer science can be quite tough, but there are other ways to get into software development. 

Coding Bootcamps 

The demand for IT experts is huge. Specialists are particularly sought after – but career changers, Quereinsteiger, have good opportunities. 

In an interview with, IT recruiter Robin Zugehör talks about the future of jobs in IT. asked Zugehör what the chances for career-changers are. They mention coding bootcamps, where you can learn to programme within a few weeks or months. Zugehör’s response: “Coding bootcamps have become well established in software development. In other areas, however, such ‘crash’ courses are still rare. In summary, up- or reskilling in IT makes sense if the candidates have a good technical understanding and a high level of interest.”

How are we different from other bootcamps? – So unterscheiden wir uns

There are a lot of coding bootcamps out there. However, Code Institute is proving to deliver where other bootcamps don’t. 

Our programme is the only university credit-rated online coding bootcamp in Europe. We are also validated by various Government organisations and universities in the UK, Sweden, Ireland, USA, and more. 

Furthermore, we have long been a provider of online learning or E-Learning. Our Learning Management System (LMS) hosts the course content and all learning materials. We use the Open edX platform, which was founded by Harvard and MIT. 

Career Change Opportunities in Germany

After their second project in our programme, students have the choice to consult our career services. Career services offer professional advice on career progression and assist our students by providing interview and technical interview preparation. As our students progress through the programme, we start the process of helping them in securing their next career. And the best thing is 90% of our graduates are employed within six months. 

There are career change opportunities in Germany, and our Careers Team will help you to realise that. Your career is their goal. 

The next step

If you have chosen to change career to software development in 2021, or if you are thinking about it, then there are a few steps you can take. The first step is to try our free 5 Day Coding Challenge (registration form below). This challenge will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After an hour a day over five days, you will have built your first-ever webpage. It will let you know if you have an aptitude for software development.

Another way to approach this is to get in touch with one of our education advisors today or join us at our next webinar. 

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