Career change opportunities in the Netherlands

Here’s a task for you. Hop onto and put in the word “software” in the search bar. What was your result? Between the various titles, “software developer”, “software engineer”, “software specialist”, and more, I’m getting more than 19,000 results. This number is a lot, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of career change opportunities in the Netherlands for new software developers.

Globally, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on business. Many countries imposed lockdowns or various restrictions, and while the levels of severity of those restrictions differed from country to country, none avoided a sizeable impact. The pandemic forced many businesses in the Netherlands to close their doors. With that came an acceleration of automation. Whether companies had to shut their doors or not, everyone looked to improve their digital game. As a result, the demand for software developers has grown even further. So what career change opportunities in the Netherlands have emerged? Plenty.

What Career Change opportunities in the Netherlands?

The lack of software developers is and will continue to be, a serious problem not just in the Netherlands, but all around the world. For example, the World Economic Forum (WEF) reckon that technology will displace as many as 85 million jobs. That’s a stark projection, but the good news comes in the next line. The WEF predicts that in place of these 85 million roles will come 97 million jobs with a higher-tech focus. On the WEF list of in-demand roles firmly lies software development. 

For anyone who has been thinking about a career change, software development is an area with a very bright and secure future. Software development is the cornerstone of most new technologies. As companies strive to keep their doors open in the event of another pandemic, they are now looking to increasing their online game. 

This increase in digital is from where the opportunity comes. Simply put, there are not enough developers in the Netherlands. The WEF prediction is for between now and 2025 and granted it doesn’t just apply to the Netherlands, 97 million roles is a lot, and many of them will be all around the Netherlands. 

What other opportunities?

Career change opportunities in the Netherlands will be available in all sectors. As we can see from COVID-19, sectors like aviation, hospitality and retail suffered massively. These companies are now looking at their digital teams, and if they ever have to shut their doors again, they will want for a different experience, that allows them to carry on working. So, for example, many predict that the aviation industry will look to technology alternatives that will make the experience safer for passengers and staff.

We have already witnessed a change from buying a flight ticket in a travel agency to clicking a button and buying your flight online. The aviation industry will need people with a previous background in aviation to upskill and build digital solutions to aviation problems that only people with that industry experience will understand. This scenario will be the same for other industries like hospitality, construction or even retail. 

Code Institute can help you find a new career

Code Institute has been teaching people 100% online for years. We have built the most amazing technologies, support and LMS to ensure our students come out on top. Our goal is to help you find a new career in software development. This goal is the reason that we have built our careers team. They are there to help you on your journey. 

What’s the next step?

If you are in a position where you have to change career, or if you know that upskilling in software development is a wise move, then the next steps are simple. Code Institute offers a free online coding challenge where you can learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript over five days. Do it; you can register through the form below. This short free course will show you if you have an aptitude for software development. It will also offer you a glimpse of Code Institute’s learning management system. 

Other steps include joining our next webinar to find out more about our programme and the available opportunities. Otherwise, feel free to contact one of our education advisors

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