Career Change Opportunities in the UK

The last year has been incredibly tough, and many people have been forced into unemployment, furlough payments, job insecurities and more. Others have been luckier, but all of us have been in some way impacted by COVID-19. How we work has changed hugely in 2020. These changes will stay, even after the virus has gone. As a result, never before have career change opportunities in the UK to software development been so high. But what options are out there? 

Lockdowns & Restrictions

As a result of various lockdowns and restrictions, businesses have had to shut their doors, and hundreds of thousands ended up either losing their jobs entirely or going onto furlough or unemployment payments. From the moment of our first lockdown, we saw a massive rush to technology. 

A lot of companies that had to shut their doors turned to the internet to keep their business going. And, those who couldn’t carry on working with their physical doors closed started researching technological means to ensure that they could carry on with their business if another lockdown happens. 

There can be no denying that technology has taken centre stage in business since this pandemic has arrived, and as a result, it would appear that automation has accelerated. But it’s not just automation. 

Digital Skills Gap

For years, we have spoken about a digital skills gap, and that gap has grown too. According to an October report from the World Economic Forum, the pandemic has aided in speeding technology so fast, that by 2025, they predict that 85 million jobs will be displaced by automation. Of course, this is a scary thought, but it is also where the opportunity lies. The WEF continues to say that by 2025, they foresee these roles being replaced by some 97 million more tech-focused roles. 

What career change opportunities in the UK?

Here’s is where the career change opportunities in the UK are for new software developers. As of right now, there are not enough programmers to fulfil the needs of companies over the next five years. The UK needs new developers, and according to the WEF, the window for reskilling is shorter than ever before. In other words, these new developers need to be in training immediately. 

Think of the future

When someone is contemplating a career change, it’s essential to think about the future – not just the here and now. When you start as a new software developer, you benefit from excellent job security and very attractive salaries. However, the more experience you gain, the more valuable you become as a worker. 

So, we talk about the opportunities that you’ll have right now if you make a career change; however, think of how many opportunities you’ll have in the future. 

Becoming a software developer in the UK

Code Insititute teaches you full-stack software development through our university credit-rated Diploma in Software Development programme. We take complete beginners to world-class junior software developers. However, we don’t just focus on giving you the skills that you need, like Python and JavaScript. 

We aim to help you change career, and our careers team is here to help you achieve that new career. With more than a thousand global hiring partners, our focus is to find you the right job in the right company. Think of it as employment matchmaking. The benefit? You avoid job boards, vague recruiter emails, and employer ghosting. Instead, our team works with you and arrange interviews in companies where you want to work.

Learning to code has its challenges, but we have brilliant support pillars in place to help you with your journey. We offer 24/5 plus weekend Tutor support, Mentors and Student Care. Our support and your determination are why developers trained by Code Institute work for notable companies like Google, Accenture, Mastercard, and many, many more. 

The next steps

If you are in a position where you have to change career, or if you know that upskilling in software development is a wise move, then the next steps are simple. First, Code Institute offers a free online coding course where you can learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript over five days. Do it; you can register through the form below. This short free course will show you if you have an aptitude for software development. It will also offer you a glimpse of Code Institute’s learning management system. 

Other steps you can take include joining our next upcoming webinar to meet our team and to find out more about our programme and the vast opportunities that are available. Otherwise, feel free to contact one of our education advisors

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