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Career Services – a team to guide you

The primary reason why many of our students choose Code Institute is to change career. It’s a mantra, why spend one-third of your life working in a job that you don’t like? Our students realise the opportunities that are available to them, and they strive to achieve their goals. To assist in those achievements, Code Institute has been growing its Career Services department. 

What are Career Services? 

The Career Services team serves many purposes that lead to one overall goal – assisting Code Institute-trained developers in securing a new career. It’s no secret that there is a substantial global digital skills gap, and software developers are in massive demand. 

Career Services sees this as an opportunity. We have partnered with a growing network of employers so that Code Institute developers get the kickstart that they deserve. 

How does Career Services help students? 

After their second project in our programme, students have the choice to opt into our career services. Those that do opt-in have access to a personalised career services consultant. They offer professional advise on career progression and assist our students by providing interview and technical interview preparation. As our students progress through the programme, we start the process of helping them in securing their next career. 

Over the years, we have built partnerships with hundreds of employers, and we reach out to them to highlight our amazing students. Of course, the onus is still on our trainee developers to find work for themselves, and students must start applying for roles independently. Our career team will assist in any other way that they can, and all avenues will be researched. 

Don’t always rely on job sites.

While Code Institute does have an exclusive career website for its students, we can tell you that as many as 60% of new roles are not advertised in traditional ways. This is where we can genuinely help our graduates and alumni, we have built inroads into companies, and we know about opportunities that may never land on your typical job site. 

A service that continues

Our Career Services team is not just available to existing students. Even after you land your career in software development, the team will still be available to assist in the future. We actively encourage our developers to keep in touch, and we offer assistance to those who have ambitions to climb further up the software development ladder. The success of our developers adds to our success, and we are only too delighted to see our people land in their dream job. 

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