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Alex Cohrs: Code Institute Graduate

Alex, is a Code Institute graduate and began our course back in August 2015 and finished just six months later in January 2016.
Three months on from graduating with his diploma in Full Stack Development, Alex cemented his new career by joining Fenergo as a Technical Consultant and Web Developer.
We were delighted to speak to Alex, to catch up and see how he’s doing three years on from graduating. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us Alex!

Please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Alex Cohrs, I’m 28 and I live in Dublin, Ireland.

Before studying at Code Institute, what did you do?

I worked in retail as a Business Analyst.

Why did you decide to change your career to Software Development?

Enjoyed it more than my previous work .

Since graduating, what is your current role?

I’m a Technical Consultant at Fenergo

Now that you’re a Code Institute Graduate, what part of our Full Stack Software Development course, would you say you draw upon most often in your new career?

The understanding of web development basics helped me to learn C# and ASP.NET skills more easily than if I had started from scratch, I also knew enough CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, to make small changes from the beginning.

Since starting your new job, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

The need to always be open to learning new technical skills to better help your role as well as always being willing to learn new things.

When you sit down at your new desk, is there a cup of tea or a cup of coffee on it? 


Does Ireland/your town suit your life as a Software Developer

Yes it does, there are plenty of roles in Dublin, but still have the choice to move away too.

Do you find that hobbies/activities outside of coding help with your work

With a young family, there’s not much time for hobbies/activities outside of work!

Since changing career/upskilling, what do you enjoy most about your new role?

Finding problems to solutions, and learning more technical skills to make the problem solving easier.

Knowing what you know now; what would piece of advice would you like to give yourself before you started your life as a software developer?

Don’t focus too much on the specific technical skills you learn at the beginning, focus more on the best practices. Also, learning is OK, but practising is even more important, the more you practice, the more mistakes you make, the better the coder you become .

Code Institute Graduate Alex Cohrs

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