Code Institute's First Community Meetup

Students past and present met up this week for our first Code Institute Community Meetup. They enjoyed inspirational talks, networking and swapping tips in Against the Grain, a popular pub in Dublin’s hipster capital, Camden Street.
The first speaker was Adrian Rus, who told his story of how his coding bootcamp gave his career a whole new direction. After working in the foodservice industry for a number of years, he tried his hand at coding and completed Code Institute’s Full Stack online bootcamp. Now he works in a software role for an insurance multinational.

Next, Naktia McCool shared her story of working in project management in London before completely changing her career. She completed the bootcamp and now works for Code Institute where she helps others to learn what she’s learned. And finally Mark Raillton told us how he was already a developer, but used Code Institute’s bootcamp to update and upgrade his skills. He now works as a senior software developer.

After the speeches, initial shyness and a drink or two, the crowd mingled, as graduates shared stories of job-hunting with eager students, tips on projects were exchanged and everyone told their unique story of how they arrived at the same destination – coding and software development.

Some of us at Code Institute got to talk to students face to face for the first time. This writer met Mila, who left a famous tech multinational to retrain with us as a software developer; Brendan, who quit a decades-long bank job to start afresh in coding and Peter, who’s halfway through the course and hoping to move out of call centre work. It was wonderful to hear firsthand how adult education was changing these people’s lives, and to field questions and suggestions about what we do.

Networking is not just a major element in career success – it also reminds budding software devs that they’re not alone in their journey, and that other students and graduates are happy to help.

Despite the Irish summer rain, the function room of Against the Grain was filled to capacity, and the conversation flowed freely. Many of the attendants stayed long after the official function was over, and new friendships and communities were forged over the venue’s famous craft beer.

This was the first of many planned meetups, both in Ireland and abroad. Code Institute and its international partners have students and graduates in the UK, the US, Malaysia and beyond. We can’t wait to meet more of them!

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