Code Poetry – The Art of Poetry Meets The Logic of Code

Code Poetry – Art Meets Code

Code Poetry
code poetry

Code poetry is the phenomenon of mixing classical poetry with computer code.  Unlike digital poetry this is not the use of computers in verse or art but rather programming code with poetry inside it.  Not all these poems need to run through executable binaries.  It may be interactive or static and can be performed by spoken word or via a computer.  These poems may be written in a programming language, but readable to humans or they may be computer code with poetic human-language within in Poetry is a form of literary art in which Content, tone and rhythm are used in order to create an evocative and even cathartic effect. It can contain multiple interpretations and as such can evoke different thoughts and feelings from reader to reader

Coding is the language of computer.  It contains its own grammar (syntax) and author’s intent (semantics).  Like a poet, coders have their own styles that facilitate to optimize their code within the medium of a human to computer.  The same can be said for the Human to Human experience of literature.

While Literatures main characteristic come down to Content, Tone & Rhythm.  Computer programming’s characteristic come as literature, logic and math.  It contains different layers within it and links these layers to physical movement from processors and memory chips.
These resources develop into a more restraint medium for poetry such as Haiku or Senryū.  This restraint lead to an alternative, almost avant-garde approach to poetry which is interesting from a cultural fusion standpoint, as well as a poetic one.
For the past three years Stanford University’s Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages sponsors a series of Code Poetry Slams.  Here are the 1st Place winners for 2013 & 2014!
Say 23   Leslie Wu [@GitHub]
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require ‘rubygems’ # gratitude
require ‘nokogiri’ # arigato
%w(Zarvox Princess Cellos).each{|v|`say -v #{v}
.map {|i|h[i]}.join(‘ ‘)}`}

21st Century Prophecies   Hunter Bacot, Surrogate: Keshav Dimri
the_medium = “twitter”
require the_medium
medium = do |medium|
medium.consumer_key        = ” “
medium.consumer_secret     = ” “
medium.access_token        = ” “
medium.access_token_secret = ” “
virtues = []
virtues << medium.user(“elonmusk”).tweet.text
virtues << medium.user(“KingJames”).tweet.text
virtues << medium.user(“Pontifex”).tweet.text
virtues << medium.user(“KimJongNumberUn”).tweet.text
virtues << medium.user(“Beyonce”).tweet.text
virtues << medium.user(“richardbranson”).tweet.text
virtues << medium.user(“god”).tweet.text
# a moment of clarity
virtues << “n#{Faraday.get(“”).body}”“prophets_manifesto.txt”, “w”) do |out|
virtues.each { |truth| out.puts truth }
system “open prophets_manifesto.txt”

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