Coding Couch Sessions: Ep 1 Richard Dalton

Industry Leading Tips for Professional Success

Are you sick of being professionally overlooked? Do you want to get your CV noticed? Whether you’re interested in a career in tech, or you’re struggling to get your first job, our monthly series will provide the best tips for interviews and jobs from industry practising software developers. Discover exactly what it’s like to work as a professional software developer, and pick up the best tips to succeed in the industry.
In our first episode ‘Coding Couch Sessions: Career Tips and Interviews’ we chat with seasoned Software Developer, Richard Dalton, who shares his top tips for landing the tech job that you always wanted. We chat about the importance of networking, how to get your CV noticed in a competitive environment, and Richard shares his tech interview tips to impress industry leaders.
Our idea for the series was simple; we wanted to create valuable content to help our students and anyone interested in software development to get a job. We’re really proud of the fact that 80% of our graduates have a job within 6 months of finishing our Diploma in Software Development, but we want to increase that number further.     
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