Covid as an opportunity – Corona als Chance

Even if Covid makes life difficult for us, restricts our movement and scares us – it is also an opportunity. You might not be able to travel or go on a night out, you might even be working short-time, in Kurzarbeit, or reduced hours, but you do have more time. More time to learn, to work on yourself, to improve, to change something, to challenge yourself. Take this chance, upskill with us, and aim for a career change.

Why learn programming? – Warum Programmieren lernen?

Skills gap – Qualifikationslücke

According to Bitkom, there are over 100,000 vacant IT positions in Germany, of which a large part are aimed at junior developers. And even if you don’t want to change career, it makes sense to upskill, as Covid-19 pushes companies to accelerate digitalisation by 84%.

Better salary – Besseres Gehalt 

Did you know that the starting salary of a software developer with less than three years of professional experience averages between € 38,900 and € 66,508, according to kununu? With the right ambitions, you can quickly advance in software development and increase your financial prospects.

Working from Home – Home Office 

The Home Office will become more important, even beyond the end of Covid measures and will inevitably become the new normal for many companies. The World Economic Forum reports that 83% of the companies will be pushed to scale remote work in the near future. Working remotely in Germany, and elsewhere, is prevalent especially among software developers. Because it primarily involves working online, it’s ripe for people to work globally.

Helping you change career  – Das ist unser Versprechen

To help you achieve a career in software development, Code Institute offers a Diploma in Full Stack Software Development. Code Institute will support you with 1:1 tutoring, a personal mentor, a friendly student care team and a student community. Our programme is 100% online and you will have access to our world-class learning management system (LMS). Because the course is online, you can work to a schedule that will suit you, to get through the programme within 52 weeks. On completion, you will graduate from Europe’s only University credit-rated online coding bootcamp.

How we differentiateSo unterscheiden wir uns

Industry Advisory CouncilBranchenbeirat

In addition to being university credit-rated, our programme is developed with the support of our Industry Advisory Council (IAC). We are advised by representatives of large global and local companies who are sharing with us what software developers need to know right now. The IAC is made up of companies like Accenture, Salesforce, CPL, BT, Paypal, RedHat, and others. Their contribution is invaluable in ensuring our students are ready for the industry by the time they graduate from our programme.

Career Services – Karriere-Support

After their second milestone project in our programme, students have a choice to engage with our career services team. The team offers professional advice on career progression and supports our students by helping them with their digital profile, updating their CV and preparing for interviews. As you progress through the programme, we can help you find your next career!

Give coding a try! – Probier’s mal aus! 

If you want to see if coding is for you, try our free 5-day coding challenge. Here you will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Ultimately, you will know if you have an aptitude for software development. Register today for free through the form below.

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