Cristian Burloiu – Graduate Testimonial

Our latest video testimonial has arrived. Meet Cristian Burloiu, a fresh Code Institute graduate who is now working as a software developer in Accenture, Netherlands.

Prior to joining Code Institute, Cristian studied Civil Engineering and he worked as a structural engineer for two years.  He learned some code in his spare time but decided that this was something that he wanted to do professionally. He decided he did not want to go back to university to do the course, so he opted to take part in Code Institute’s course.

Cristian is now working with Accenture as a software developer. It’s been a pleasure having Cristian as a student and we wish him every success in his coding journey.

Finally, if you want to sample what a Code Institute course is like, register below to try our free 5-Day Coding Challenge. Also, you can find out more about our courses here.

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