Developing Code Institute for 2019

Code Institute’s number one priority is its students and graduates. Without them, we would not exist as a company. Software developers are in huge demand all around the world, and our students are benefitting from a wealth of opportunities as the world focuses on a digital future.

To ensure that our students receive the best education possible, we continuously evolve as education providers. Our students trust us because we deliver to them the most outstanding coding programme. To further develop and grow our offering, from January 30, 2019, we will be increasing the price of our Full Stack Software Development programme.

Throughout 2018 we invested hugely in various aspects of our Full Stack Software Development programme. From employing the expertise of more mentors and tutors to creating unique analytical software to ensure better learning journeys – just like our students, we invest in making ourselves even better.

So, what have we done to improve the learning journey? Here are some highlights.

Improved Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is state of the art and is among the best in the world. The LMS itself was built on a platform created by MIT and Harvard. During 2018, Code Institute invested hundreds of thousands of euro in ensuring that our version of this platform offers a first-rate education. This allows us to lay out our learning content in a way that is easy to read and utilise. This system means that we can also offer interactive written and video content.

The Best Content

We listen to our students and graduates. This is one of the many reasons as to why they trust us. Since inception, Code Institute has continuously updated its content to ensure that we are delivering the best education available. Throughout 2018, we have maintained, produced and improved on our content. Our video content is laid out clearly and is easy to understand. Each one is carefully scripted, and because they are transcribed, they are accessible to everyone. In fact, if you haven’t seen how it works before, try our free 5-Day Coding Challenge.

Analytical Monitoring of Online Students (AMOS)

AMOS sets us apart from all other providers. This system was built by our in-house developers and experts and allows us to track the progress of all of our students. It’s capabilities mean that we can identify issues before they arise. We can monitor the progress made by individual students and identify any potential red flags on the horizon. AMOS puts Code Institute in a position where we can see the strengths and weaknesses of every student regarding their learning journey. AMOS results in a smoother journey for our students.

Student Care, Tutors and Mentors

Our Student Care Team is second to none. Their goal is to keep our students on track and guide them through their learning journey. This team makes sure that help is on hand when necessary. Throughout 2018, we have exponentially grown this department, and we have now employed a global team of experienced mentors and tutors, who are available to students when they are needed most. Our tutors and mentors grew their talents within companies like Google and Deloitte. Their input helps students succeed in their projects.

Global Employer Networks

Throughout 2018, our Channel and Partner Team has been working with governments and employers all around the world. We have built our channel team, and our relationships have grown massively with some of the biggest tech companies in the world. As a result, more and more of our graduates are employed immediately after they complete the Code Institute programme. Our Diploma in Software Development has been recognised, validated and approved by many businesses, universities and governments around the world. As a reflection of our successes, we were named as one of Financial Times Digital Champions for 2018.

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More to come in 2019

There’s so much in store for 2019, and as a team, Code Institute is looking forward to growing and delivering on the promises that we make to our students. Our employer ecosystem will continue to grow, and this will be a huge advantage Code Institute graduates as they seek to land their dream job in software development.

If you’ve been thinking of following your dreams and becoming a software developer, then now is your opportunity. Get in touch today, and let us show you how you can become a successful software developer.

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