What is Frontend Development Coding?

While there a number of layers in Full-Stack software development (between 5 and 9, depending on who you speak to!), all of them can be summarised into three areas. Frontend, Middle and Backend software development.

front end development

Backend, Middle & Frontend development.

Frontend development describes that part of an app or website that customers interact with directly. Development on the frontend requires the software developer to have a number of skills. These include the ability to choose and code an app using the correct programming languages along with the correct design skills. Thus ensuring the user has an excellent user experience.  The latter is typically called User Design or User Experience (UX).

The goal of a frontend developer is to ensure that an app or website meets accessibility, usability and performance criteria.

Keeping up to date

One challenge that frontend developers face is that the tools and programming languages that are available (and in vogue) are in a constant state of flux. Therefore, programmers need to keep learning in order to stay up to date.

Layered on top of the changes to the tools available, the number of web-enabled devices has increased beyond the desktop to include a range of mobile devices, each supporting a range of web browsers.  The challenges for front end designers has therefore further increased.

However, many tools are becoming easier to use – such as HTML5, CSS3 and variations of Javascript.  There are also a number of Content Management Systems – such as WordPress. These are making it easier to rapidly create website and apps that work on multiple device types. It is, therefore, a constantly evolving balancing act for web and app developers to ensure that they have the correct skills to build apps and sites that their client requires.

The main tools used for front end development include

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