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Brendan O’Shea: Code Institute Student

Originally hailing from Australia and now living in Gothenburg, Sweden, Brendan O’Shea is a student on our Full Stack Software Development programme. Brendan has spent the last 18 years working as a carpenter but now feels as though the time is right for a career change to software development.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Brendan O’Shea, I’m 35 years old from Australia, living in Göteborg, Sweden.

Before studying at Code Institute, what did you do?

I was a carpenter for the last 18 years.

Personally, what drew you towards Code Institute?

The high amount of students finding a job after completing the course. I wanted a course that was “industry” ready.

Why did you decide to change your career to Software Development?

I was always fascinated with things I do not fully understand. Computers, in general, are all around us and I wanted to understand how and why they work, as they do. I have worked as a carpenter and have done as much as I could in that industry. I wanted a new challenge that was more indoors and would allow me more time with the family.

When you sit down at your new desk, is there a cup of tea or a cup of coffee on it?


Now that you’ve started studying, what is a typical workday/study day like for you?

First coffee, lots of coffee. Then I help the family get organised in the morning. By 9 the computer is on, and I work 3 to 4 hours a day, going through the course work. In the afternoons, I set my own challenges and try to code as much as possible.

Since starting the course, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Hmm, maybe not to do too much of the course work in one day, but try to reinforce what I have learnt by practice. And try to split the day up by going for a walk!

How have your studies impacted your life? 

I’m now doing something completely different. It’s quite the opposite of my normal life. Also studying has given me more time with the family, and doing something for myself!

When coding; do you listen to music or podcasts?


Does your city suit your life as a software developer?

Yes, Göteborg has a growing industry, and it seems like now is a perfect time to learn and join the tech industry!

Do you find that hobbies/activities outside of coding help with your work?

Walks and spending time with the family outside.

What is it about a career in the tech industry that interests you?

The tech industry seems to be always growing and changing. I like having challenges that would improve my growth as a person. The limitations are endless. What you can think or dream, you can code it!

Knowing what you know now; what piece of advice would you like to give yourself before starting your career change journey?

Probably would have started this a lot earlier in life! It’s not scary to code, it just takes time and practice!

If you’d like to share your journey since graduating from Code Institute, get in touch through the form below, we’d love to hear from you.