4 Inspiring Graduate Success Stories

Graduate Success

4 Graduate Success Stories

Every so often, we reach out to Code Institute graduates to find out about their motivation to start, their Bootcamp experience and life after learning to code.
In this post, four of our recent grads share their stories, projects and insights into getting the best out of our course.

Jodie Gardiner (Classroom Bootcamp)

“It’s been a life-changing experience”

Jodie was a full-time dad, working part-time hours when he could. No longer happy with working here and there, Jodie wanted to change.
He signed up to Code Institute because in his words “In just 12 weeks I would have a highly-demanded skill-set for a career change into a booming industry.” And it was true.
In 12-weeks Jodie had an amazing skill-set and six weeks after graduation – he had started his new career at data-solution firm, Derilinx. It’s no wonder with the amazing work he created, which I strongly encourage you to check out below!  
Project 1, Star Wars Data Dashboard: Packed with Star Wars data!
Project 2, Diabetes Management App: Visualise your Blood Sugar.
Congratulations Jodie, be sure to pass down your coding knowledge – with this skills gap growing, we’re gonna need all the coders we can get!

Jodie’s Key to Success

“If you’re ready and willing to work hard for what you want to achieve then Code Institute will give you an avenue to achieve it.”

Maria Hynes (Mentored Online)

“The tools I have learned now enable rapid development of ideas.”

Financial modelling team manager, Maria wanted to learn “up-to-date coding methods for the web” to create more opportunities in her role and for her company.
She had some experience with coding and database development but her Computer Science H.Dip was over 12 years old!
Needing the flexibility to learn at her own pace and continue working, she enrolled in Code Institute’s Mentored Online programme.
That 12-year-old H.Dip didn’t seem old for long as Maria blazed through our course, producing some amazing projects.
Project 2, Public Art Walking Tour: Take an artistic amble through St Stephen’s Green with this web app.
Project 3, Where Do You Share: A fun, interactive way of keeping track of the items you lend people.
Learning to code and discovering what can be accomplished with it was an “eye-opening” experience for Maria.
“It has opened my eyes to what is out there now and how things have changed from when I started coding. The tools available now enable rapid development of ideas.” she finished.
Congratulations, Maria! We look forward to your next amazing creation.

Maria’s Key to Success

Think about practical uses for what you’re learning so that you’re motivated for the projects at the end. Make regular arrangements with your mentor – don’t wait until you hit a wall!

Abel Manso (Mentored Online)

“I chose Code Institute over a degree because of the pragmatic approach and how short term it is.”

Before enrolling in Code Institute, Abel was working in banking. Hailing from a finance and economics background, he had always loved creative roles and design.
Ever curious, he was determined to “convert his creative passions into a career”. That would have been pretty tricky at the bank, not impossible but tricky!
He enrolled in Code Institute’s Mentored Online programme, taking a pragmatist’s approach to learning. He could keep his current job, learn to code and start thinking ahead to a new career.
“I chose Code Institute over a degree because of the pragmatic approach and how short term it is.” said Abel about his reasons to choose Code Institute.
Working through the course online, Abel was able to maintain his full-time job and earn a Diploma in Software at his own pace.
We encourage our students to take our framework and roll with your own ideas, but sometimes our students take our ideas and make them even more immersive! Don’t believe me? Check out his Projects!
Project 1, School Donations Data: Tracking US School Donations (Brilliant Execution).
Project 3, Fintopics.net: A slick, sleek and super accessible company website.
He’s now working at Adaptive Solutions, using the language of code to help them accelerate business. Congratulations Abel! We hope your new career path is as exciting as you expected it to be.

Abel’s Key to Success

“Try to understand what you do and why! And enjoy!”

Juan Keville (Classroom Bootcamp)

“My goal was to get a job and I have succeeded”

Self-employed Juan had seen all the plumbing world had to offer and was seeking a career change.
A lot of tradesmen would switch to carpentry, plastering or even upskill to engineering but Juan was interested in computing.
His goal was simple: “learn how to code in the latest languages and change careers” but like most business owners, he didn’t have the time to complete a four-year CS degree. That’s why he enrolled in Code Institute’s Bootcamp over university.
Juan sailed through the bootcamp with that extra tradesman grit and a “just go for it!” attitude. After 12-weeks, he had added coding to his tool belt.
Project 1, JK Plumbing & Heating: Juan takes his business online with a great front end project!
Project 2, School Donations: Showing off his data wrangling ability with a School Donations dash.
Congratulations Juan! We love the no-nonsense commitment to learning that helped you thrive during your Bootcamp.

Juan’s Key to Success

“Just go for it! I’m glad I did the Bootcamp and I’d recommend it to anyone”

Final Notes

Our Diploma in Software Development is designed to accelerate code-education and give people an opportunity to start a new, future-proof career.
Industry-tailored course content and student support provides a platform for exceptional work but each of our amazing students has their own story to tell.
Have you ever thought your career-journey is unfinished? Sign up for our free online coding workshop to learn basic coding and find out what you’ve been missing out on!
Congratulations again Jodie, Maria, Juan, Abel and everyone who has earned or is working towards their Diploma in Software Development!

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