The iCloud Hacking Scandal: What Does This Mean For Cloud Storage?

icloud Mac

When the news of the iCloud hacking scandel emerged (the cloud storage and cloud computer service operated by Apple Inc) causing  the unsanctioned release of hundreds of nude celebrity photos, we were forced to start asking questions. How did this happen? Who is responsible?

And finally, how safe is the information we store in the cloud?
The protection of our private data has never been more important than it is today. Whole companies place sensitive financial information on google drive for their employees use, all in the name of efficiency. The security of our private information has been called into question, and now we have to ask, just whose eyes are on the other end of the screen? Who watches the watchers?

In a time where such sophisticated infiltration technologies exist, just how secure is your data? You never know who’s watching, and when so much of your life takes places in a digital domain, it’s a lot more complicated than Big Brother peeking over your shoulder.

There is a storm on the horizon for cloud storage, and not all cloud storage companies will emerge unscathed. The ones that can demonstrate increased security for their data protection systems will be the true winners from this scandal.
Before, the selling point of the cloud was easy sharing and collaboration. Now, it will be advertising the encryption and impenetrability of their technology.

In a world where Edward Snowden has unveiled the NSA’s mass surveillance programme, surely we have to question the wisdom of putting our private information online in the cloud?

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