Why we introduced our new finance plan

This month, we launched our new finance plan: Now you can train in the most in-demand languages and skills in the world, with smaller, incremental payments.

Our Diploma in Software Development is now available for €375 a month.

Here’s why we created this new payment method…

We had always intended to provide finance options, frankly because not everybody can pay the entire course fee upfront. And students had been asking about payment plans: Investing in a more lucrative, satisfying career is typically a good investment: The average pay for beginners is about €30,000 and the incremental pay rises throughout a coders career are mouth-watering; climbing to €60,000 and beyond after a few years.

Social Mobility
One of our favourite things about teaching coding is that it changes lives for the better. Our graduates include stay-at-home parents who have re-entered the workforce after half a decade; minimum-wage employees have swapped the apron for a desk at a tech multinational company; and a even people in finance and admin who want to completely change their careers.
This finance plan allows more stories like those to happen. We’re not saying that €375 a month is nothing. But it accommodates many students who would not have been able to afford it otherwise.

The price is less than many people pay per month for their car, and it’s even comparable to lunches at work. We know it’s a bold claim that making your own lunch can finance this course, but it’s true: The average person spends about €2,000 a year on lunches at work.

Solving the Global Problem Faster
The global ICT skills shortage is reaching epidemic levels – with literally millions of unfilled coding jobs across the world (and hundreds of thousands in Europe alone). Conventional university education can only go so far in solving this: The 3 or 4-year long courses, often outmoded course material and very specific teaching style are examples of its limitations.

We make coders, and do so in one year at most (and sometimes within as little as 12 weeks when students study full-time). Code Institute exists to fill the global ICT skills gap, and this new finance plan allows us to work even faster by making the course accessible to more people.

A new payment plan won’t single-handedly solve social inequality, a worldwide training issue and people’s personal finances. But it does make a legitimate positive impact on each of those issues.