Javascript Courses versus Full Stack Training

javascript courses training dublin

If you want to become a JavaScript web developer then there are a range of courses, both online and in the classroom, available to you.

In sort, there are three main coding (programming) languages that dominate the internet, especially the front-end (ie what we see and use on our devices).  These coding languages are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  JavaScript stands apart from the other two in the fact that both of the other two – HTML and CSS – are effectively “mark-up languages”.  However, as all browsers have Javascript interpreters built in to them, if you want to create anything for the web, then you need to know JavaScript.

Developers coding for the web use JavaScript to create user interactivity (UX) and ultimately make websites and apps more beautiful, interactive, sophisticated and compelling. A deep understanding of JavaScript is therefore a standard requirement for professional web developers.
Although JavaScript is a relatively new language, there are plenty of online resources for you to learn – from basic through to super-advanced JavaScript.  Here are just a few. 


Javascript courses

4 hours of tuition, covers the basics, not advanced, certification available.


6 modules, 33 videos, comprehensive and practical.  Available from $25.00 per month.


Javascript courses

47 lectures, 3 hours of content, lab exercises, Extensive, informative and interesting video lecture


Javascript courses

Detailed and advanced, $25.00 per month

Code Institute

However, if you prefer to take a more comprehensive course that covers a range of languages, including JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS, which is designed with employment in mind, check out the Code Institute Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development.

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