Is JavaScript The Primary Programming Language For The Enterprise?

Is javascipt the primary programming language

JavaScript has been around since the 1990s and has long established itself as one of the most popular web development languages for IT workers. Why? It has the ability to deliver rich, dynamic web content as well as being relatively lightweight and easy to use. RedMonk named it the top programming language earlier this year. Last year it was number two and the year before it had been on the top spot, so it’s consistently being spoken of in high regard.
It’s predicted now, by ReadWrite, that JavaScript will continue ruling the roost by asserting its dominance over the enterprise world. ReadWrite provided a fairly evidence-based, conclusive piece on why JavaScript will surpass the likes of C, C++ and Java programming languages to become the dominant language of the enterprise for IT.

Mobility and client-side development
Mobility is key to everything digital these days and JavaScript is no different. Now that more and more users of technology are on the go, the rise of mobile and tablet devices has been astronomical. Because of this, app and mobile-optimised website development is key and JavaScript is suited to both. The ability of JavaScript to meet the demands of this swift development, while maximising the user experience makes it a perfect fit for mobility and client-side development.

Cloud and server-side development
Everything revolves around cloud now, with the move to online backup, storage and updates. Cloud is essential for the long-term survival of any language or technology as computers continue to move to being a service as opposed to a product – i.e. everything you do is stored in a server as opposed to a device. JavaScript has Node.js, its backend incarnation, which has been readily adopted by servers worldwide.

Resources and skill sets
SitePoint maintains that demand for JavaScript far outstrips that of any other programming language. Though it’s hard to measure, the general consensus seems to be that it is the one that is developing quickly, leading to widespread resources and skill sets that are next to none among its developers.
Is JavaScript the primary language for the enterprise? Yes, it would certainly seem so. Not only ReadWrite but Appcelerator and Stafflink share that same sentiment.