Code in Kerry College ETB

Code institute has kicked off the second cohort of the 16-week Full-Time Diploma in Software Development at Kerry College ETB. The exceptionally successful class of 2019 achieved 86% employment within six months of graduating, This sets the bar high for the class of 2020.

Companies in Kerry SciTech have been hugely supportive of the initiative. They recognise the need for a local pool of software developer talent to resource their business demands. Careers week was a great chance for them to meet graduates and discuss opportunities.

The first class of 2020 are on their second milestone project and have been excelling in their coursework. Their commitment and motivation have been exceptional according to classroom facilitator Cormac Lawlor.

The Kerry based group participated in their first hackathon, designing sites to showcase Kerry as a tourist destination. A career week runs from March 30 – April 3 to showcase the portfolio and skills of the graduating class. Companies from Kerry SciTech are attending. Companies recruiting software developers and coders talent are welcome to attend.

To find out how Code Institute can work with your ETB or College, contact Ciara Browne.

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