Learn Through Lockdown

It seems that most of Europe and the UK have been put back into lockdown. As we know, this is not exactly good news for businesses as they struggle to keep their doors open. After the last lockdown, many companies looked to immediate upskilling of their teams, and many individuals took up online classes. As we face new restrictions, the time is ripe to learn through lockdown. 

Since March, and in some countries before then, we have seen just how dependent the business world is on technology. However, both companies and Governments are pointing out there are not enough digitally-skilled employees to bring their business forward. Over recent days, we have spoken about how the World Economic Forum expects the workforce to change dramatically between now and 2025, and it emphasises the urgent need for people to upskill for the jobs of tomorrow. 

How to learn through lockdown

So, there are many ways to learn through lockdown. Code Institute trains complete beginners to software developers, and there are many tips that we recommend to people who wish to reskill, and to companies that want to upskill their teams. 

Decide what you want to learn

Code Institute teaches full-stack software development through our Diploma in Software Development programme. We focus on many languages and technologies. However, our primary focus is on JavaScript and Python. These are arguably the two most important and popular programmes in all industries. However, there are other languages that you can learn, such as; C, Java, Ruby, and many others. Our advice here is to choose a language that is in high demand. We decided to teach JavaScript and Python because various industries have told us that these are among the most sought-after skills. 

Get to grips with some basics

While we are brilliantly equipped to train complete beginners, we do ask all of our prospective students to take part in a free 5 Day Coding Challenge. This teaches the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It takes about an hour a day over five days. The goal of this is to highlight to you whether or not you have an aptitude for code. It also shows us whether or not you are willing to spend time on the programme. Our full-stack programme must be completed within 52 weeks, and we need students to dedicate a minimum of twelve hours per week to the programme. Of course, the more time you spend on the course, the quicker you will complete it.

Decide how you are going to learn

With many campuses closed during lockdown, and with the masses hoping to avoid attending places where people are less likely to be socially distant, universities and education providers are now using online spaces. This is a good thing for the moment. However, you need to decide what quality of online course you want. A good programme comes with a tried and tested LMS. With the rush to get services online, many providers have opted just to use video technology to teach. However, a good LMS is much more than that. 

Code Institute has invested heavily to ensure that our LMS is the best it can be, and we have built our platform based on Harvard and MIT’s edX platform. This has been built upon, torn down, and rebuilt successfully over the last five years. To ensure quality from its LMS, Code Institute has also created a proprietary analytics platform that can see when a student is having difficulties. In turn, this sets appropriate support systems into action. 

Choose a programme with exceptional supports

When choosing your provider to help you learn through lockdown, it’s crucial to opt for one that will support you. While some education providers do offer support to their students, others leave their learners to their own devices. Code Institute offers amazing support. Simply put, it is unrivalled. 

Between Student Care, 24/5 plus weekend Tutor Support, Personal Mentors, Community Support and Career Services, what’s on offer is fantastic. However, it’s up to each of our students to use these supports. While our Student Care team will stay in frequent contact, our students must avail of the tutor supports when and as required. Likewise, our Career Support begins after the completion of your second milestone project. 

The Coding Challenge

As highlighted above, now is a great way to learn your way through lockdown. If time is on your side, then there is nothing stopping you. Your first step is to try our free 5 Day Coding Challenge. Here you will learn the basics of HTM, JavaScript and more. After one hour a day over five days, you will have built your first web page. Register now through the form below. 

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