Learning A New Programming Language

Programming languages

Getting to grips with the basics of programming can be daunting but, once you’re there, you leave yourself open to learning new programming languages. Upskilling is an essential part of maintaining your programming career and flourishing in it. As we’ve stated before, HTML and CSS are probably the most basic programming languages and are both great for starting out. Once you get past this stage, you’ll want to learn something new, though.

There are already hundreds of programming languages available and new ones are cropping up all the time. This, naturally enough, poses a problem for programmers. Which new programming language should I learn? How many should I learn? This is exactly what Adriana Lee of ReadWrite asked, following Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last month.

The unfortunate side to programming is that many individual corporations have their own programming language (Apple has Swift, Facebook has Hack, etc.) so deciding what new programming languages to take on board can prove challenging. Luckily, there are several languages that are more widely used than individual ones like Swift and Hack and these are the best one to focus on to diversify your skills. Even luckier is the fact that Mashable compiled a handy little list of the best languages to learn this year.


Java is one of the most commonly used languages so it’s a great one to have on your portfolio.


It’s been knocking around since the 1970’s; C Language is the most widely used and oldest language out there.


An intermediate language, C++ was originally meant to be a development of C Language but now takes on a status as an individual language of its own.


Written C#; pronounced ‘C sharp’. C# combines C and C++ and is a multi-purpose language; a bit of an all-rounder.


A general purpose language, used by the likes of Apple. It’s quite in demand as it can be used to create iPhone apps.


Another of the basics, PHP is a free, server-side language designed for dynamic websites and app development.


A high-level, server-side scripting language. Python is considered pretty easy for beginners to use due to its readability.


An object-oriented language, Ruby is used to develop mobile apps and websites.


A client and server-side language that has its foundations in C language. Master one and the other shouldn’t pose a problem.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a special-purpose language for managing data in relational database management systems.
Learning a new programming language is definitely the route you will want to take your career down. See what these industry experts have to say about the learning process.