How Much Code Can You Learn in 12 Weeks?


When you have a very short space of time, be it 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks, it’s very easy to imagine that there is an end almost immediately in sight. It’s there- it’s just another date on the calendar. We at the Code Institute feel that’s the wrong way to think about it. It may sound like a cliché, but think of it not as an end, but a beginning. The coding bootcamps in the United States sought one thing above all else- promoting the technology literacy of their students for the sake of improving their employment prospects.

The Code Institute is no different.

Technology never sleeps, and educational methodologies are coming to terms with the fact that the tattered, dog-eared textbook is no longer up to scratch with coping with the volume of educational content and new educational tools available in the digital environment. This is not something that headmasters and teachers should lament- for over a decade now, this has been an opportunity to be taken advantage of. What the Code Institute, and its predecessors across the pond, want to achieve, is to harness the enormous volume of material; from the practical application of technologies, to vital programming knowledge, to design and development tools, and compile it all into a concise, pragmatic, and in-depth course with a view towards promoting a skill-set that employers want, and nowadays, that they need.
For a long time now, Ireland has been a hub of vast intellectual and creative capital, and with a thriving ICT sector and the world of technology constantly seeking bright, creative, capable coders, it’s time to address the significant opportunity at our doorstep.

As they say, opportunity knocks, but it seldom waits for you to answer.

Back on point- The Code Institute is attempting to translate the enormously successful US model to Ireland, and although it is relatively untested waters, Ireland has historically displayed a vital aptitude in the adaptation and implementation of new technology. While we all value our past, we embrace the future; one of the many attributes that makes Ireland so valuable to the global community.
If you’re at all curious about the cold, hard numbers about why this educational philosophy is something worth investing in, an illustration of the statistics and important figures worth documenting can be found here.
This is not about facilitating a conveyor belt of mediocre JavaScript designers or database administrators- it’s about providing an in-depth, interactive learning environment which will cultivate the next generation of ambitious, technologically sophisticated coders who will not only possess an immediately translatable set of skills, but an attitude and willingness to learn that so many employers are sorely missing.
It’s all well and good for someone to promise you a job the moment you step outside the door, breathe in the fresh air of endless possibility, but in this day and age, that’s as much a promise as it is an inevitable disappointment. The course syllabus, composed exhaustively by industry practitioners and experts alike, sets out with to avoid this uncertainty. It’s structured to provide incredibly detailed material made accessible, tutorials, seminars, group projects and practicals, and an interactive and engaging learning environment for the sole purpose of keeping one promise. If you approach the course with an open mind, and an ambition that will fuel your hard work and dedication, you’ll get precisely what you put into it- namely, an investment in yourself.

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