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New Year New Career – Get the skills

How were the holidays? Did you celebrate the new year in style? What about those promises you made for yourself? Are you sticking to them? It’s the new year. It’s time for us to fall back on that old cliché – New Year, New You. Or how about, New Year, New Career?  

Yes, over the coming weeks you’re going to see “New Year, New You” plastered on every weight-loss advertisement, every gym ad, and every clothing line. But “New Year, New You” can also apply to other important things like education, career change and more. So while some may see the line as being a cliché, how about looking at it at the angle of, “wow, if I do something good for me now, it may actually benefit me.”

Over the last four years, Code Institute has helped thousands of people change career. It’s what we do. We train complete beginners to be software developers. The brilliant students that we’ve trained were like you. Many of them made the decision to upskill and swap their career to software development. The feedback that we’re receiving is that they feel renewed – which gives some credence to that term, “New Year, New You”. 

New Year’s Resolutions

There’s a reason why many of us don’t follow through with our new year’s resolutions. In many cases, it’s down to motivation. When it comes to education and reskilling, motivation is a keyword that can’t be ignored. It’s paramount. It’s key. If we’re able to remain motivated, we’re unstoppable. So what advice can we offer you when it comes to upskilling to software development? 

Ask yourself why

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself why you want to change career. Is it because you hate your job? Are you bored? Is it because you don’t earn enough money? Are you not being as creative as you know you can be? Or really importantly, is it because your current job is not giving you the time you need for yourself, or indeed, your family? 

Whatever your answer is to these questions, let them be the basis of your motivation. 

Get back on the saddle

So, we all slip from time to time – yet another reason for the failure of so many new year’s resolutions. The amount of times I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t eat that extra pie, or that bar of chocolate, is amazing. I slip – and once I slip, for some strange reason, I don’t allow myself to get back on the saddle. Here’s the thing, it’s okay to slip sometimes, as long as we’re willing to get back on that horse. 

Get others to remind you

People we love and who love us are great. Ask them to be your sponsor. If they see you falling, ask them in advance to remind you of your motivation – tell them to remind you how great you are too! Learning a new skill is tough, and do you know what? If you can do it – then you deserve to be reminded of what a great job you are doing. 

New Year New Career

So, yep, it is a cliché, however, some clichés make sense, and for some reason, the new year always seems like a good time to start a new journey. If you have been thinking about a career in software development, then why not dabble in what it’s like. Try our free 5-Day Coding Challenge to see if software development could be for you. It will show you if you have the aptitude for software development. It will also teach you some of the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript – and remember, motivation is key!!