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Online versus Classroom Learning

Education is rapidly evolving. Disruptive technologies are now allowing people to learn more productively online. People are no longer required to tip along at the pace of a traditional teacher in the confines of a classroom. Online learning allows the learner to excel at a pace that is better suited to them.

The benefits of online versus classroom learning are starting to show, and course providers are recognising this. No, the classroom is not dead in adult learning, but online learning is undoubtedly growing. So, what are the benefits of online learning?

Before we look at online versus classroom learning, we have great respect for the classroom. As a course provider, we delivered classroom learning to hundreds of students. However, feedback from our students has opened our mind to delivering our content online. While the major benefit from in-class learning is the face-to-face time that you get with a lecturer, what we’re hearing from students and teachers is that that time is not structured enough. It can be rushed and sometimes doesn’t completely solve problems.

On our digital platform, however, students are rating our support higher. Students can arrange for structured sessions with our support team. They get regular scheduled one-on-one time with tutors and mentors. As a result of this, they usually finish that time with the solution or the know-how to rectify any issues they may have. Also, our Learning Management System (LMS) allows us to track the progress of our students more efficiently. Therefore, we can identify potential issues quicker, or before they turn into problems.

The pros and cons of online versus classroom learning

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