Partnering to Bridge the Global Skills Gap

Partnering Skills Gapper

In the early 1980s, education began to evolve to address the need for “21st Century skills.” This education transformation was a reaction to the growing demand for computer programming and ICT competencies. Education has since struggled to keep pace with technology’s rapid advancement, creating a chronic ICT Skills Gap and a need for a new method of producing practically skilled tech professionals.

“To close the skills gap, we need to get serious about the millions of people already in college but who are poorly served.”
Robert McGuire, Skilled Up 2016 Report on University x Bootcamp Partnerships

With many leading tech companies, like Cisco – switching to software, the industry was in dire need of talented developers to create amazing innovations.
This is where Coding Bootcamps began.

Accelerated Learning | Accelerated Industry

In 2013, the first coding bootcamp opened as an alternative to the lagging traditional education cycle. In its first year alone, the Coding Bootcamp industry amassed a 2,178 graduate developers.

Bootcamps are estimated to hit 18,000 graduates in the United States alone, growing from 10,500 the previous year according to Course ReportFlash to 2016 and the Coding EdTech industry is now worth over $1billion with just under 100 Bootcamps operating in the U.S. alone.

While the coding bootcamp industry is in infancy in Europe, it’s undergoing unprecedented growth and there are no clear estimates for when it will plateau – if at all. Although the industry has an untested history — projections are positive. Bootcamps are estimated to grow by 1.7x in 2016.

The skills-gained and the tech industry’s career opportunity go a long way to explaining the exponential growth, but it doesn’t stop in 2016
This is punctuated by the introduction of online mentoring. 
Classroom Bootcamp growth is measurable to an extent but the ability to enable students to study anywhere in the world with a professional developer via Mentored Online creates incredible growth opportunity.

Skills Shortage | Opportunity Growth

The chronic skills shortage threatens to leave 825,000 European ICT jobs vacant. From an industry perspective, that’s a huge talent pipeline to fill. When industry is faced with tremendous obstacles, only innovation can encourage progress. While Universities lagged behind, tech industry experts and academics were determined to find a solution – Coding Bootcamps.

Coding Bootcamps were founded on the premise that inexperienced students can become professional software developers after an intensive 12-Week Coding Bootcamp (average), or an at-your-own-pace online mentoring programme. 

This entails learning the chosen languages and technologies as well professional, entrepreneurial skills and networking opportunities. Coding Bootcamps’ goal is to support students so they enter the technology ready to meaningfully contribute to projects. Industry-advisory partnerships with leading tech companies are key to achieving this goal. These companies ensure students graduate with the desired skills and tech-proficiency to instantly contribute development projects.

By contrast, students enrolled in a 4-year University academically-focused courses often have to take supplementary classes to accommodate for the lack of practical coding or portfolio work. This can mean extra training and web tutorials upon graduation.

“From an academic context, you don’t need to be a top programmer if you have algorithmic skill.
As a result I feel students miss vital coding skills in university.”
— Adam McGivern, Guidewire Software Consultant and ITT Dublin Graduate.

Universities are beginning to understand the necessity for a flexible, accelerated syllabus. To accommodate, many US university programmes have adopted bootcamp-style learning into their syllabus. Universities also credit-rate existing Bootcamps. While some US Universities are fully adopting bootcamp-style syllabus, being university credit-rated is a novel idea for European Bootcamps. Currently, Code Institute is the only credit-rated bootcamp in Europe.

Partnering for Improvement

What really sets Coding Bootcamps apart from Universities are the industry links and employment support graduates receive. 
Code Institute partner with industry-leading companies like Paypal, Dell and Accenture to ensure the constant development and industry relevance of our course content. These companies and many more make up Code Institute’s Industry Advisory Council (IAC).

The IAC enables partnerships with top recruiters and employers, who are confident in Coding Bootcamps’ new pipeline of talented software developers.

“Despite the legitimate questions, they do something unique that is meaningful: They match learners with employers.
Employer partners are baked into the recipe.” — Robert McGuire,

Partnerships don’t stop with employment and industry links, this is something our founder, Anthony Quigley discovered early into his operations in the EdTech sector. Teaming up with like-minded Edtech companies to deliver and resell Code Institute Bootcamps is key to industry and student success. These relationships allow us to refine course course content, reach a whole new market and tackle the skills gap globally.

The shortage of skilled ICT personnel is increasing and with that, the demand for education alternatives is increasing.

Code Institute partners can take advantage the early-mover bonus and instantly implement our intensive Diploma in Software Development into their product portfolio. Through this process, we can immediately begin filling the talent pipeline in partnered areas.

Tremendous amount of industry research and our founders’ history in EdTech  allows for smooth on-boarding of our courses – removing barriers to entry. Our “Partner-in-a-Box’ package includes; a full marketing & sales suite, our contextualised courseware as well as support from Dublin Centre of Excellence experts. Equivalent levels of support are offered whether you’re re-selling (online) or a full delivery partner (in classroom) of our Diploma.

As we’re dedicated to ensuring the same quality experience – no matter the partner, we combined all of our academic acumen to create our “Train-the-Trainers” program. Our development experts travel to teach our partners the best way to deliver our course.

At Code Institute — we love coding. More than that, we love to teach coding.
So much so that we ensure our partners can deliver the same experience as we do in our Dublin Centre of Excellence.

According to a report from EdTechXGlobal and IBIS Capital, the global educational technology market
is expected to grow 17% a year to $252 billion by 2020.

Partner with Code Institute, for seamless entry into a rapidly growing market that shows no signs of slowing down.
There’s no need to scramble to develop a course and identify a market, simply contact our channel partner team.

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