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Qualtrics announces 350 Irish-based jobs

US tech company, Qualtrics, who create software tools for customers and employees, has announced some 350 new jobs for its European headquarters in Dublin.

Qualtrics, whose products measure analytics from customer, business and employee data to improve “the experiences organisations provide to every stakeholder, whether it’s customers, employees, prospects, users, partners, suppliers, citizens, students, or investors,” were set up in 2002 in Utah, USA.

350 jobs for Qualtrics European headquarters

Qualtrics look to employ 350 new staff. They will be hired to fill positions in technical, support and sales teams. At present, the tech company works with more than 1,500 organisations in EMEA. Their customers include Yamaha, Microsoft, Marriot, Yahoo, Sony, and many more. The Dublin-based offices act as their European headquarters. 

The Irish arm of the company was established in 2013. Through these offices, they currently employ a staff of 250. To accommodate their growing team CEO, Ryan Smith, also announced the building of a new 57,000 sq ft hub in Clarendon Row, Dublin 2.

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