Redefining Online Education

Since its inception, Code Institute has been redefining online education. For many years, MOOCs were looked upon poorly, as a younger, less valuable sibling to traditional universities and classrooms. However, because of quality course providers and programmes, that attitude has been shifting over the last ten years. Recent months, however, have entirely changed how the world looks upon online education. 

Now, more than ever, the world needs quality online programmes that can manage student journeys to success. This doesn’t mean that getting a camera and using Zoom is the solution. No, quality online education is tried and tested. The best e-learning platforms use well-built Learning Management Sytems and use analytical resources to ensure that their students are progressing at the right rate through a programme. 

Redefining Online Education

Since the very beginning, Code Institute has endeavoured to teach software development to complete beginners in the most professional manner. To do this, we have met and created standards that our students and we follow. 

Our Curriculum

For example, when we first put our programme together in 2015, we didn’t just throw a curriculum together and say, “there you go, we have a course”. No, we went out to businesses, we created what we refer to as an “Industry Advisory Council”, which is made up of a mix of companies from tech to recruitment. We asked them for their input as to what is required from software developers. 

We meet with our Industry Advisory Council regularly, and we continually update our programme as technologies change and as skills demand changes. 

When we agreed on our curriculum, we took it a step further, and we asked the University of the West of Scotland to assess our programme for credit-rating. As a result, our programme is recognised as level 8 on the SCQF or level 5 of the European Qualification Framework. 

Our Standards

Our programme has been designed by experts to ensure that we are delivering the best in software development education. Like any reputable education provider, we ensure that we hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards. For example, our mentors are all software development professionals who have years of experience in the industry. Likewise, our tutors are all qualified developers who have completed our programme and understand the ins and outs of the curriculum. 

Similarly, there are deadlines for each project on our course. Yes, the programme is flexible in terms of time, as in, you can do your work at whatever time you want in the evening, but we require that the course is completed within 52 weeks. This means that a student should do a minimum of 12 hours per week on the coursework. 

Likewise, each student must complete five portfolio projects. Like with universities and colleges, there are project deadlines that must be met. Not only is this good to stay focused on the programme, but it also mirrors the real-world workforce. 

Our Learning Management System

We have invested heavily to ensure that our LMS is the best it can be, and we have built our platform based on Harvard and MIT’s edX platform. This has been built upon, torn down, and rebuilt successfully over the last five years. 

Student Analytics

We aim to transform complete beginners to qualified software developers within 52 weeks. To do this, we created proprietary software that allows us to redefine online education. This software can track student progress. With it, we can see where our students might be having difficulties in the programme, which then triggers our support structure to act. In turn, this enhances completion rates. Our student analytics platform provides for a far richer learning experience while allowing improved assistance for the learner. 

Student Support

It’s a bold statement to say that Code Institute is redefining online education. However, one thing that makes this statement abundantly clear is our student support. Simply put, it is unrivalled. 

Between Student Care, 24/5 plus weekend Tutor Support, Personal Mentors, Community Support and Career Services, what’s on offer is fantastic. However, it’s up to each of our students to use these supports. While our Student Care team will stay in frequent contact, our students must avail of the tutor supports when and as required. Likewise, our Career Support begins after the completion of your second portfolio project. 

Preparing for the future

During these turbulent times, online learning has certainly had a chance to shine. Our advice is to make sure that you choose a quality education provider for your teams. Likewise, if you’re a person who wants to upskill for tomorrow’s workforce, then set your standards high. Be prepared to work hard, and learn the skills of the future

If you want to sample our Learning Management System, register for our free 5 Day Coding Challenge today through the form below. Here you will learn some of the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It takes about one hour a day over five days, and it will let you know if you have an aptitude for programming. If you’ve done that already, then feel free to contact our Education Advisors to find out more about Code Institute’s Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development.

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