Remote Work in Sweden

COVID-19 has had a continued impact on workplaces worldwide. Even in Sweden, where the lockdown isn’t in force, there has been an impact on the jobs market. The ability of a company to “allow” for remote working is no longer a “nice to have”. It is a necessity for all companies to be prepared for remote working now and in the future

While some companies have slowed down their hiring, the evidence is pointing out that businesses are still hiring ICT staff. Those who have remote working experience will undoubtedly be at an advantage. 

Future of Work is Changing

How we work is going to change faster than we ever imagined. For years, we’ve spoken about the future of work and how remote working will become more common. Now it should become the norm. 

At an event in Stockholm in early March, we spoke to Viktor Strömberg, Global Project Manager of Work International. His opinion is that “the market for remote developers in Sweden is growing, and will continue to grow.”

Jane Gormely, Code Institute’s Director of Career Services, commented that “in the last number of weeks, we’ve had approaches from companies both in Sweden and outside, who are interested in transitioning into a remote working environment”. 

The advice from the Swedish Government has been to work from home where and when possible. Companies have been paying heed to this advice. As a result, many developers are now plying their trade at home. 

Software & Remote Work in Sweden

Software development is perfectly suited to remote work in Sweden. Indeed, while there appears to be a hiring freeze in some lines of work, there is still a demand for software developers. Right now, there is a mix of employers from Ericsson, Spotify and Cubane Solutions to startups that are still actively looking for developers and other ICT professionals. 

The future of work is changing and now is a perfect time for people to upskill their digital abilities. It looks like our reliance on technology will only grow. Software development skills, as well as remote working skills, will become essential. 

As a result of this pandemic, we are learning a lot. One of the few benefits will be that companies will be better prepared if this is repeated in the future. We have learned that technologies are essential for companies to stay active. Furthermore, as a result of so many people working from home, one would guess that we are going to see much more innovative technologies grow. Likewise, people will become more connected and become more digitally savvy for workplaces.

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