Retraining As A Programmer

Retraining and Covid-19 – Umschulung in Zeiten von Corona 

The interest in retraining – or Umschulung in German – and the associated Jobwechsel, career change, is growing, especially since the Coronavirus has impacted our places of work. Many industries are severely affected and react with so-called Kurzarbeit or layoffs. However, this does not apply to the IT industry – der IT-Branche , quite the contrary, software developers are in high demand and continue to be hired.

Working from home – Home Offices 

There is also a rethinking around working remotely. The pandemic has proven that it works, especially in the area of ​​IT. Tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter want their employees to decide whether and how much they work from home, in their so-called Home Offices, even after Covid-measures have been lifted. That means more flexibility, and less time spent on the commute. 

Skills shortage in IT – Fachkräftemangel in der IT

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, in which video conferencing is becoming the new normal, companies have to react – and invest in their own IT. That requires qualified employees – Fachkräfte. In Germany, more than 100,000 IT jobs are vacant (according to Bitkom) and there is a particular shortage of Software Entwickler and Programmierer.

The projected future growth for jobs in web development is 12% by 2022, 24% for software development by 2026, and 11% for data administration, according to

How do I become a programmer? – Aber, wie wird man eigentlich Programmierer?

There are different ways to become a programmer or software developer, and one of them is online training – Online Umschulung. Online Courses and flexible learning are becoming more and more popular because, in contrast to university and vocational training, they offer many advantages.

Online learning with Code Institute – Der Online Kurs bei Code Institute

Code Institute’s online course is delivered 100% online and can be individually tailored to the student’s personal schedule. Whether vollzeitbeschäftigt – full-time employee, Kurzarbeiter or currently not employed, the decision on when to learn is up to the individual – the community or a tutor is always available. In addition to that, Code Institute provides job-ready skills, i.e. specific knowledge that is in high demand on the job market. And not only that, Code Institute graduates receive a dimploma that is credit-rated by the University of the West of Scotland.

No background in IT? No problem! – Keinen Hintergrund in IT? Kein Problem!

A background or experience in IT is not required, anyone can retrain as a programmer with Code Institute as long as they are motivated. Code Institute’s students and graduates switched their careers from hospitality, retail, finance, events, teaching and many more… 

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