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Due to Covid-19, der Corona-Krise, Kurzarbeit is extended to the end of December 2021.

The Corona-Krise is causing problems for numerous industries. To deal with the situation, many companies register short-time work. According to the latest preliminary data from the Federal Employment Agency, 6.7 million people took advantage of short-time working benefits in May – after 6.1 million in April and 2.46 million in March. In July, companies reported that around 190,000 people are expected to be on short-time work.

What does Kurzarbeit mean? – Was ist Kurzarbeit?

Short-time work is the temporary reduction in regular working hours in a company due to a significant loss of work. The affected employee works less or not at all.

Short-time work can be an instrument to avoid dismissals in the event of temporary absence from work. In order to partially compensate for the loss of earnings of the employees in these cases, the employees can, under certain conditions, claim compensation from unemployment insurance, the so-called short-time work allowance, Kurzarbeitergeld

How can I use my time sensibly? – Wie kann ich die Zeit sinnvoll nutzen? 

Are you currently a Kurzarbeiter/in? And have you thought about how you could use the time sensibly? How about learning to program? Many are currently using their free time to learn something new, to educate themselves, and above all – not to stand still. With education, new opportunities arise and you can take control of your career and future. 

It’s up to you! – Umschulen oder einfach nur weiterbilden. Alles ist möglich! 

It is entirely up to you whether you use your time to train yourself for a new career or for yourself.

A new career… – Eine neue Karriere…

The world is constantly evolving and is, due to Covid, becoming even more digital than before. Jobs in IT, such as software developers or programmers, are becoming more important than ever. So if you are currently on short-time work, make a decision now to use your time wisely. 

… or simply further educating yourself – … oder einfach nur weiterbilden

Who says you need to change your career? A software development course could also expand your skill set and open up a variety of opportunities. It could benefit your current job. Non-technical professionals need to keep up to date on technical terminology and methods to stay ahead.

Learning and working from home – Von zuhause lernen und arbeiten 

Code Institute’s full stack software development programme is taught fully online. Our students can study whenever and wherever they want. By participating in our Slack community, they also learn to work together, and by using our tutors and mentors, they learn how to lead the way in an online environment

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