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Software Developer Jobs in the Netherlands

There are thousands of unfilled software developer jobs in the Netherlands. In a word, the ICT employment scene is “booming”. In fact, more than once the Netherlands has been referred to as ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley’, such is the burgeoning tech sector here. That’s been helped, big time, by government support, but also because of such supports as two major start-up funds (StartupAmsterdam and StartupDelta) and the vast Amsterdam Science Park, which also includes its own specific Start-Up Village. All of this really helps to incubate and encourage new tech firms to grow. And, of course, to start hiring.

It’s not just Amsterdam, incidentally. The city of Eindhoven is a major tech centre too. It’s the home of electronics, electrics, and appliance giant Philips. And the city’s High Tech Campus has been called ‘the smartest square kilometre in Europe.’

Outside of those two major centres, you have other cities and big towns such as Groningen, Utrecht, and The Hague, all of which are becoming very tech-heavy.

An Amsterdam-based software developer

From an employment point of view, the Netherlands is currently experiencing a high shortage of IT and software development skills. Just as we’ve also seen in Germany and the UK. Indeed, tech blog Medium has described the skills shortage in the Netherlands as ‘acute’ so that should continue to drive employment opportunity there for some time to come. In 2018 there were as many as 26 vacancies for every tech worker (most at a junior level). Speaking to tech recruitment firm Daxx, Jan Willem Bergsma, a managing partner at Xuntos, said; “There are many tech companies but not enough software engineers. It doesn’t depend on the city, there’s a nationwide shortage.”

Where to find software developer jobs in the Netherlands

There are numerous resources to finding software developer jobs in the Netherlands, including; LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and many more.

Salaries are very competitive. Average tech industry salaries are in the €45,000 range, peaking above €63,000. This is in line with the UK and Germany. It’s a touch behind Silicon Valley in wage terms, but then there’s the benefit that the Netherlands is reckoned to have the best work/life balance in Europe. Indeed, three of the major cities (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam) are in the top 15 European cities for quality of life rating (by website Numbeo) with Eindhoven actually coming out in first place in the 2018 ratings.

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On top of that, you have a population that is almost entirely fluent in English (although most recruiters say that learning a decent conversational level of Dutch will boost your employment chances considerably), easy transport links to the rest of Europe (and the world — don’t forget that Amsterdam’s Schipol airport is one of the globe’s major flight hubs), and you have one of the best set of reasons for any software developers to consider relocating.

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