Start a Career in Coding

I have been meeting a lot of folks recently who have been keen to start a career in coding but simply did not know where to begin.  So, hopefully, the following tips will assist if you are also looking to start your career in coding.
Becoming is coder is a fairly ongoing process, whereby you build up your skills, step by step, day by day. The very best way that you can learn is by doing. Coding can be extremely rewarding, especially coding web-based applications, as there is a very visual and real feedback to your work. Here are some guidelines for starting your career to becoming a programmer.

Career in Coding – self analysis

Start with some self analysis.  Ask yourself are you the type of person who might enjoy coding.  Are you a logical thinker (coding can be a logical process) . Did you enjoy subjects like Maths and Physics in school, college.  If not, then consider taking a course in either Maths, Logic, or a range of engineering type of courses. Many of these are available for free, on the likes of Coursera and Udemy.

Next up, have a look at courses such as CoderDojo and some of the courses on CodeAcademy (and there are many others, both online and offline).

Start to have a look at database technologies – while there are many to choose from, one of the main databases currently being utilised these days in the web development world is SQL.  Again, go online and learn about how these operate, as you will require this knowledge later in your career in coding.

Your next decision might dictate your future:  Choose what type of programmer you ant to become.  There are number of coder types, including people who develop web apps, desktop products, systems and distributed applications.  The current thinking is that people with Full Stack experience are in higher demand.
Finally, choose the course that fits your specific requirements.

If you want to learn some code to start, try our free 5 Day Coding Challenge – register below.

Time to career change when...

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