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Leticia G. Leon : Code Institute Student

Leticia, Please introduce yourself

Hello, my name’s Leticia G. Leon, I’m 44 and I live in Amsterdam.

Before studying at Code Institute, what did you do?

I work in academia.

Personally, what drew you towards Code Institute?

Improve my job performance by improving some programming skills.

What is your current role?


Since starting your studies, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

So far everything I’ve learned has been extremely valuable.

Now that you’ve started studying, what is a typical workday/study day like for you?

My average day routine: Begin with the gym, travel to work (9:30–17:30/18:00), arrive home (eat something), then study at least for 2 hours.

Since starting the course, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

My organisation (time management) skills also needed some improvement.

How have your studies impacted your life?

I do have less free time, so I appreciate it more and try to use it more wisely and at work, implementing different (more coding-oriented) solutions.

Does Amsterdam suit your life as a Software Developer?

Yes, Amsterdam is “computer-friendly” I even have a coffee place where I can go with my laptop, connect to wifi and work there.

Do you find that hobbies/activities outside of coding help with your work?

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes code or solutions are not coming that easily, so for me, it’s best is to take a break, separate from the computer, go outside, talk with a friend, go to the gym and then come back and bam! I see what the problem was.

What is it about a career in the tech industry that interests you?

It could be a place where innovation, creativity and new development can meet.

Knowing what you know now; what piece of advice would you like to give yourself before starting your career change journey?

I would do it again, enjoy the learning and do rush it!

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