Swedish ICT salaries rank high

Earning above the average Swedish income is a nice touch for software developers based in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, or even Uppsala. Swedish ICT salaries rank high, but it’s not just the city dwellers that benefit. As we’ll explain in our upcoming Swedish open evening, coding is a skill that allows many to work from home or abroad, while still making a very impressive income.

According to Statistics Sweden, ICT workers are on average, the ninth best-paid staff in Sweden. It’s high because of the skills gap, and as of right not, there are thousands of jobs available. So why isn’t it the highest paid role? Well, the higher ranking forms of employment belong to other sectors where positions are truly scarce on the ground. 

ICT workers are in high demand across the country, and recent estimates indicate that there will be a skills gap of more than 70,000 by 2022. But what do Swedish ICT salaries look like?

Swedish ICT salaries – what do they earn?

Before we look at why ICT staff earn so much, we’ll look at their reported incomes. To add some perspective to this, we look at the average Swedish income. As of June 2018, the average Swede earns 486,960kr. The same source tells us that the average ICT worker earns 527,280kr.

Once a person is skilled in software development, it’s easier for them to move between areas of the ICT industry. However, even starting out in software development pays well. According to the international payment site, Payscale.com, the average entry level pay for a software developer can be high. As high as 407,702kr (at the time of writing) in Stockholm (national starting average is 414,000kr). The same source tells us that with 5 years experience, the average salary can be as high as 513,569kr. Of course, good incomes like this require a good portfolio and a knowledge of haggling also helps.

The reason why pay is so good for Swedish-based software developers is that the IT & Telecom industry is worth as much as 844.3kr billion to Sweden, and the number of tech firms in the country is growing all the time.

If you want to learn more about why coding is a great career choice in Sweden, join us for our next Swedish Open Evening. Here you will find out about the global skills gap, salaries, the Code Institute course, available funding, and much more. Now is a great time to learn to code.

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