Apple II – Throwback Tech Thursday

The year was 1977 and cowl-neck shirts and flares were in fashion. New Jersey finally said “okay” to gambling in Atlantic City. The Netherlands’ football team, FC Volendam, was established. While all of this was going on, Steve Wozniak and Apple were busy preparing for their launch of the Apple II.

The launch of the Apple II  was on June 10 1977. This new computer was a huge advancement over the Apple I.  It is said that the Apple II was one of the “longest running mass-produced home computers”.

During the 1980s and 90s, the Apple II was very popular in the USA. Its popularity was on account of excellent marketing and the fact that schools opted for it in place of the Commodore PET. Apple also made excellent educational and business software (most notably VisiCalc Spreadsheet) available for the computer.

According to Wiki, its appearance was to be similar to a home appliance. Getting access to the motherboard was easy because the lid of the computer was removable. Also, the computer was capable of creating sounds and had colour and high-resolution graphic modes.

The Apple II, the appliance of the 80’s for all those pesky household chores

In 1981, Apple released a series of ads for the Apple II, including one with Dick Cavett claiming that it was “mightier than the pen”.

In another ad, he claimed that Apple was “the appliance of the 80s for all those pesky household chores”.

“Woz Limited Edition”

Between 1977 and October 1993, there were many different forms and updates of the Apple II. Variants included; II Plus, Europlus and J-Plu, IIc, IIGS, IIc Plus, and IIe Card.

The first 50,000 Apple IIGS models had a “Woz” signature in honour of Steve Wozniak. 

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