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Tech News Round-up May 2018 – Flying Taxis, Dating & more

May has been an exciting month in the tech news world. Earlier this month, we heard Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for dating, we were introduced to Google Duplex, and Ticketmaster’s plans for facial recognition will be a welcome change. And then there was the show stopper that is Uber Elevate.

Below is a brief look at some of the major tech news that happened around the world this May. It’s all very exciting, and another reason as to why the ICT sector is booming and growing.

Facebook Dating

If you haven’t read our article on this, you should definitely have a look. Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Dating at this year’s F8 developer conference in San Jose, California. In brief, this is not meant to be a sipe at tinder (or is it?), this according to Zuckerberg will not be for “hookups”, but for meaningful relationships. I guess we’ll see the results of this one maybe nine months, or so, after launch! 

Google Duplex

Nope, this is not Google’s answer to a two-storey apartment, however, I’d say that would be pretty awesome too. Google Duplex is an amazing new feature in the pipeline from Google. It was announced at the Google I/O developer festival in Mountain View, California. This adds a bit of personality to Google’s Assistant services. This is an artificial intelligence agent, that will actually make appointments… on the phone, for you. This is mind-blowing. Instead of sounding like a computer, this sounds like a real person. 

Ticketmaster Facial recognition

Here’s some news we recently read from the Live Nation Entertainment’s (aka TicketMaster) Q1 investor call.

Live Nation Entertainment announced their partnership and investment in a company called Blink Identity, who use their “revolutionary identity in motion product” this “identifies people as they walk past a sensor at full walking speed, enabling frictionless identification.”

This software will be able to identify people in as little as 0.5 of a second. According to The Verve, this allows the “venue or festival management to identify people using facial biometrics as they walk at full speed past our sensor, handling over 60 people a minute.”

Which means you can walk through the gates without anyone checking your ticket. This should certainly speed up the entry into your next concert. However, it may cause people to ask many privacy questions. 

Uber’s flying taxi – Uber Elevate/UberAid

Earlier this month, Uber reinforced their vision of a flying taxi and they released some images as to how that future might look.

At their “Elevate” conference in the middle of May, Uber announced that they would like to see their first official flying taxi take off during 2023.
As part of their announcement, Uber also showed us images and footage from 6 architect firms who are bidding how future Skyports should look. Have a look at some of that in the footage below.

All in, it has been a fascinating month for the tech news world. If you’re curious to see if you’ve got what it takes to offer your skills to the future tech world, why not try our 5 Day Coding Challenge?