Technical Training – Why it’s easier than you think

Technical skills, like software development and website building, can seem daunting, but you already have many of the skills you need to get started…
Here’s a controversial opinion: Anyone can learn technical skills. We’ll go one further: Anyone can learn enough technical skills to get an entry-level IT job.

To many who lack those skills (for now), that might sound outrageous: IT technicians seem like a different species, with an elevated knowledge of the electronic world and the magical ability to harness its infinite powers. But they were once like you. And like you, they had to do that digital training too. They sat down and learned how to do those things that they now do so effortlessly.

We’re not saying that there’s no effort in learning a new skill. But we are saying that with some commitment, time and the right attitude, it’s definitely doable. Here’s a secret: Computers were built by people, for people, and the operating systems were built for people too. Let’s start with the mysterious world of coding…If you’ve learned a language, you can learn a coding language
There was once a time when you couldn’t speak a single word of English. Now you can speak thousands – possibly hundreds of thousands – of words without trying. You dream in English. You speed read in English. You can even understand new words in English (or other languages) simply by paying attention to the words and context around it. Java, HTML, Python are all just languages too. Sure, they look different to the spoken and written word, but the principle is the same.

In fact, coding languages contain a lot fewer words than any spoken language. And you already know the alphabet and symbols they use; they’re the same letters and punctuation that you’re reading right now. To put it another way, HTML is infinitely easier to learn than Mandarin. And about a billion people (many of whom are toddlers!) speak and write Mandarin. If you can write, you can learn to talk to computers and websites
Whether you’re telling a website what text will look like (HTML) or how to build it (C++), coding and programming is giving commands to a machine. Every command has a glossary, so what you want to say and how you want to say it is written down somewhere! But once you get the hang of it (just like a normal language) you’ll need the glossary less and less. If you’ve used apps or websites, you’ll know what they’re supposed to do
We’re sure you’ve had experience with a user-unfriendly app or website: They might be hard to navigate around, they might be clunky or too busy.
Nobody likes to think about how much time they’ve poured into social media or clickbait list articles. But the good news is that all of that time might have been well spent. (Well, some of that time!) You have already consumed hundreds of hours of research on what makes a good website or app – and you already know what works and what doesn’t, which will stand to you when you make your own. If you’ve ever needed something, you can come up with an idea for a website or app
Necessity is the mother of invention, and most popular apps and many successful sites are simply addressing an everyday need. We’re talking about Uber, Yelp, RottenTomatoes (the film review aggregate site) and literally millions more.
Every little nuisance in life, every thing you wish was just a little handier, and every little hobby and quirk you have could generate the spark that leads to your first website or app.
We can’t wait to see it. 

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